Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Caoimhe's First Day Out

This is Caoimhe my baby sister who is 12 weeks old today. She is a bit of a nightmare if you ask me - nothing like me even though she's my sister but she is part of the family now and I thought I would let her have a go at blogging about her first day out last weekend. She came back with tales of leprechauns on bicycles and Spiderman and Batwoman and I thought she was kidding me but ..well I'll let her tell it.

Hallo to Magic's blogging friends - I'm Caoimhe (pronounced Kee-va) and I have some pictures to show you of my first day out when I went to Selby with Aoife my affenpinscher sister. Here we are setting off to look round the town:

And then what did we see but a leprechaun on a bicycle!

And Spiderman:

And outside the pub there was Superwoman and friends all on bicycles too!

I thought Selby must be quite a special town with so many cycling super-heroes but Judith & Leigh seemed as surprised to see them as I was so maybe they are not always there. We enjoyed watching though and after all that excitement it was time for a sit down and a coffee break at Hope Yard Cafe.

The people at the cafe are very friendly and they are happy for dogs to visit if you are sitting at the outside tables and they will bring a bowl of water if you're thirsty. There were other customers there too who were very interested to meet me (of course) and Aoife so I got quite a bit of socialising done.
I hope you have enjoyed the pictures of my first day out. Magic may let me blog again one day if I don't pull her beard too much!


  1. Hello there! We just saw you on our friend rubies' blog and thought we'd say hello. I am yuki a white miniature schnauzer and I just got a brand new brother a few weeks ago, his name is rocket and he's is a salt pepper miniature schnauzer. Caoimhe is very cute, looks a lot like my brother!

    yuki and rocket

  2. I'm so glad you enjoyed your first day out Caoimhe, you would have got a lot of human attention along with Aoife because you are both so beautiful! But to see super heros on bikes.....WOW...sooo lucky!!

    Do you play a lot of bitey face with all your siblings I wonder??!

    Tail Wuggles, Rubie.

  3. Oh what a wonderful first day out. you are very lucky to have ended up with such a wonderful family as they are always taking Magic and Co on days out, you'l have a wonderful life. Dex and Lou xxx

  4. Hi Caoimhe, great to see you got a bloggie post to yourself ;) you sure saw some intresting things. Looking forward to your next post
    Have a good week
    See Yea George xxx