Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Bank Holiday Mayhem

Mabel and Creggan have had a wild time this past Bank Holiday weekend. First they had a morning out in Selby to get them used to traffic noise and lots of people and they even shared a seat outside the Hope Yard Cafe while Judith & Leigh enjoyed a snack:-) 

Then they watched the world go by outside Selby Abbey.....

....before going home to get ready for visitors. This time not new puppy owners but Leigh's brother and nephew from Gloucestershire:

Here is Euan making friends with Crybbe.

And then the next day the fun really began when the paddling pool came out. This was Mabel's idea of heaven - she loves water!

But Creggan was not convinced. He prefers to keep his paws dry:

The pool had to be put away the next day as the sun disappeared and it started raining again but once it stopped the pups were looking for more fun and Mabel found herself a great new bed:

and even though Creggan tried to turf her out...

She held on to her special place and he had to give in :-)

He did find another pot to sit in but wasn't too pleased about it!


  1. Those pictures are too too funny of the pups in the pots, really have made us all her smile, thanks x

  2. I'm sure they had lots of admirers on their trip out.
    The flower pot pics are just lovely :-)
    Did Mabel do her water bowl digging in the paddling pool?
    She's a little water babe!

  3. Mabel did splash about a bit but no 'digging' in the pool - that seems to be reserved for the water bowl :-)

  4. LOL. Potted turfs and pool modeling... that does sound big. Hope Mabel and Cregan had tons of fun. By the way, is Crybbe different from Alfie?

    How are you, Magic? Everything alright? Getting that needed rest?

    1. Thanks Haopee yes I'm fine and enjoying more rest now :-)
      Crybbe decided to drop the Alfie bit of his name now he's getting more mature and thinks Crybbe sounds more sophisticated :-)
      - woofs and licks Magic xx

  5. Oh my gosh, you little ones are sure getting your socialisation in!


  6. That Mabel is a character! It's fantastic that the puppies are getting so much socialisation.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  7. How cute - I love the pups in the pots :)