Friday, 24 May 2013

Puppy Training Class

Leigh managed to get this photo of me enjoying a bit of sun in the garden before the rain came back. I am beginning to feel more like myself again now the pups are growing up. But the weather has got really bad again here so no more garden games for a while :-( But my 2 pups who are still here did get to go out to their training class last night. My peeps found a really good training class near York that takes little pups after their first vaccinations. It is called Well Connected Canine which sounds about right for my babies :-) Creggan will only be going one more time as he is going down south to live with his new peeps on 1 June but Mabel is staying with us a bit longer so she will be able to go until July.

The classes are held in an old school sports hall and they have lots of interesting training equipment or is it just play things? There are buckets of toys and cones and tunnels:

Last night Mabel and Creggan learned to look for treats in boxes and tunnels, they were introduced to very large stuffie dogs which is the first stage in getting them used to seeing big dogs without being anxious or jumping at them, and they met different people who were helping at the class including a vet nurse in her uniform who even walked near them on crutches to get them used to that as well. 

But best of all - for Mabel and Creggan (and my peeps) - Gracie was there too!

Gracie's new Mum brings her to the same training class so they all had a chance to say hello again:

Leigh was sorry that the photos were not better but everyone was so excited they couldn't keep still for a moment :-)

..and when they got home they couldn't even tell us all about it at first they were so tired they just fell asleep on the mat!


  1. Awww how lovely to meet up with Gracie again.
    Magic you are looking great after all that hard work of raising your new puppies, and what an excellent job you have done.

  2. Aw! Looking great Magic. Class looks like a lot of fun, and so many other pups to hang with. Enjoy!

  3. School can be exhausting. Sounds like there was lots to do. And running into Gracie--what a bonus.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  4. What fun to meet little Gracie again, we'd have loved to be at that class, you all look soooooo sweet.
    We cant wait to meet Creggan soon when he comes down south, im hoping we wont have to wait too long x

  5. Wow puppies are soooo cute!
    And the class looks fun!

  6. Proud and fabulous MamaMagic! That tunnel looks famiar with us .
    That what our mom used to give trainings for our human man pup!

    Awwww your puppies are so adorable. :) :)

    MoMo & Pinot

  7. The pups have gotten so big! Least puppy school will tire them out! hehe