Monday, 13 May 2013

Maverick & Gracie Leave Home

Yesterday Gracie and Maverick, two of my pups, went to live with their new families. Here are Mabel and Creggan wondering where their brother and sister have gone. Leigh was a bit tearful to say goodbye to them and she had to explain to me that they had gone to loving homes where they would have a really good life and I shouldn't worry....I was looking round the house for them at first as I thought they might have got lost somewhere. Maybe I will get to see them again one day when they are older :-)

Here is Maverick keen to go waiting for his new peeps to arrive with his Puppy welcome bag to take with him. He's wondering if there might be treats too:

and there was...a whole jar full of puppy food to take with him.

And here is Gracie looking thoughtful as she waits on the patio for her new peeps to arrive. She had a welcome bag too with her own treat jar of food as well as all these:

a bowl, a book, a stag bar antler, a toy, a fleece blanket, some puppy poop bags and a doggee holder and a little book of photos of the first 8 weeks since she was born. The Puppy Wallet has all her paperwork - health tests, microchip details and a folder of information all about miniature schnauzers and how to look after us and keep us happy :-)

I know my pups will have a happy life and for a little while longer I have Creggan and Mabel here to look after - although not to feed!

This is Creggan thinking he can steal a bit more milk even though he's a big boy now - and has sharp teeth:

Leigh rescued me from that painful experience!

And here he is on his bed enjoying a snooze after all the excitement of visitors:


  1. Hi Magic!
    Awwwww I'm sure it was very sad saying goodbye to your puppies Gracie and Maverick, they are so very cute and look as if they were ready to take on thier new loving homes in a new big world! I love your welcome bag I love that you include so many wonderful things for the new owners like that pretty bowl, the book on how to care for dogs, that yummy scrummy stag bar antler,the froggy tug toy, fleece blanket, those essential puppy poop bags and how amazing to have that little book of photos of the first 8 weeks since they was born that is an excellent touch! My Breeder gave me lots of information, food and a blanket, I was very happy and we have kept in contact!
    I'm glad that you still have Creggan and Mabel with you! They are gorgeous! Love the last photo of Creggan and the ones of you Magic are great!
    Love, licks and Hugs from your Furiend Frank xxxxxxxx

    1. Thank you Frank - all the peeps have said they will keep in touch and maybe meet up for a walk in the future so paws crossed I will get to see my babies again before too long :-)

  2. Awww so sad to say goodbye but they will be so happy in their new homes. What lovely puppy packs your peeps made for them.

  3. Farewell, little puppies. We hope they send you some pictures in their new homes....

    XXXOO Daisy, Bella &Roxy

    1. Thank you - my peeps are already getting photos of my pups in their new home so all is well :-)

  4. Awe, best of luck in your new homes!!!

  5. It sure is hard leaving, but you'll get nice and spoiled like me! Best of luck to ya!


  6. Now that is what you call a GOOD BREEDER. I think this post is an excellent way of showcasing what potential owners should expect from a good breeder. Keep it up Leigh and Judith.

    Thank you for dropping by to send Chooey some POTP. Yes, unfortunately, this is because Chooey isn't spayed yet... nor is Rin. We are prioritizing the boys at the bottom first before going with the females. I had already isolated Chooey before but unfortunately she bolted when the hatch opened and they ended up having a major fight. It was awful. She is recovering... slowly.

    1. Thanks Haopee - we do try hard to make sure our puppies have the best start in life we can give them and find homes where they will be loved and cared for as if they were with us still.

      So sad about poor little Chooey - do hope she makes a full recovery - it is so hard when you have several dogs and hormones are raging. I do understand. Thinking of you and sending hugs - Leigh xx

  7. Oh Magic - I felt sorry for you looking for your pups..... it must be very unsettling. Hopefully it will be a fairytale outcome for everypup!! I'm SURE your peeps would not let your pups go to horrid peeps.... and you will see them all again!

    Tail Wuggles, Rubie xxx

  8. Hi Magic, I sure love you and your pups. My daughter has a miniature Schnauzer who happens to be really small but such a sweet heart. When I see how smart she is, I think maybe next time I'll get one. I do think I'd want one from your litter or from your moms; my girls mini was from a petstore(more than likely from a puppy mill-ugh) and there have been some physical issues. I do love how quick your breed is to please though.
    Your mom sends so many wonderful things with your pups; our Hunter's breeder just sent a little booklet and a stuffed animal. I think you guys show what good breeders and pups you all are.
    Wags, Noreen