Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Cherry blossom time

Thought I had better get back to updating our news. So much has been happening. The cherry blossom came out overnight on the tree but after a day the winds were beginning to blow it down - which pleased the hens as they love eating it!

As well as all the flowers coming up there are peas and onions growing in the vegetable plot and tadpoles swimming around in the pond. I have tried to catch them but no luck! There are butterflies everywhere now. Leigh saw some holly blues the other day and tried to get a picture of them with her phone - they move so quickly they are hard to see:

I have been going to some more shows and have got two more rosettes for third place - yellow like the daffodils. Alfie thinks I should be trying harder to get first - he says I'm too bouncy but it's hard to keep still for ages when there's so much going on. When we came back from the show at the weekend I heard funny noises coming from the chimney. Too early for Father Christmas I thought but someone was trying to get down - or up! Leigh & Judith had to investigate and after a while a very sooty bird flew out into the sitting room - there was soot everywhere. Luckily Leigh caught the bird and took it out into the garden and it flew away safely. Anyway - good news about the conservatory - it is just about finished now - and there are chairs and a table in there now so I can lie in the sun without any cold winds - it's like being in the garden only better for snoozing:

You can just about see me on the sofa. Here is a better picture of me:

At least I've got the sofa to myself - Kaska can't get up because of his bad legs and Alfie 's not keen on jumping this high - lucky me!

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  1. We came over from Dexter and Louis's blog. Glad to see another schnauzer blog!