Monday, 18 April 2011

Baby on the way!

Scary news on Friday - we may be getting a new arrival here. They have told me a baby sister is arriving - an affenpinscher sister - oh no..will she be as bossy as Alfie Crybbe? She will be coming next Saturday so I will keep you posted when she arrives. Alfie has a strange lump on his toe and has had to go to the vets twice - they don't seem to know what it is but he has to stop licking it  - he has to wear a little orange boot now to keep it dry. I don't think he's too happy - he is putting on a great dramatic performance of a wounded dog and hobbling even though he doesn't have to. When he forgets he walks fine.
Kaska has been out and about checking all the boundaries for us - he thinks that's his job and he barks very loudly if he can hear or smell anything suspicious - or even if he can't.

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