Thursday, 28 April 2011

Puppy Tales

Everyone has been so impressed with Aoife's puppy pictures that I thought maybe I should let them see I was pretty cute too not that long ago. I came to live here last summer from Essex. We are all from different parts of the UK: Alfie Crybbe is from Renfrew in Scotland; Kaska is from Hartlepool and Aoife is from Hertfordshire. Anyway back to my puppy pics:

This was taken on the day I arrived here.

This is me in my favourite bed.

And this is me helping Kaska guard the back door. I have grown up quite a bit since then!

And this one was when I was nearly old enough to be schnauzer groomed for the first time - my hair is a bit long I suppose. Can you see Isadora the hen in the background. She keeps escaping from the hen run and digging out the plants in the borders - Leigh & Judith have to catch her and put her back. I keep well out of the way though those hens are pretty scary if you get too close - all beaks and claws. Anyway I will try and get Leigh to take some pictures of where we live for next time.

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  1. Oh what a cutie pie puppy you were! We always say that Schnauzers make the best looking puppies ;-)
    We love the one with the chicken, we would have been chasing it - hee hee! Dex & Lou x