Monday, 25 April 2011

Selby Game Fair

Yesterday little Aoife was sleeping so Leigh & Judith said I could go with them to Selby Game Fair to make up for missing a day out on my birthday. There were so many dogs there - and other creatures - we went into a big tent and it had cages with hens and cockerels, ducks and geese and strange turkeys.. and a pen with 4 pigs! I just couldn't believe my eyes - especially when I saw the sheep with little monkey jockeys on their backs as well! They had a notice saying they were going in for the Lamb National? Anyway I could smell lots of food about but I wasn't getting any so I hunted out some chips for myself that someone had dropped while Judith & Leigh were watching the working dogs. Then we were looking for a harness for Aoife - the breeder had said she could have a ferret harness while she is so tiny - ha ha she wasn't taking account of her fat little tummy. When we got the harness home it wouldn't go round her middle at all. She will have to grow a bit and get a proper dog harness. Anyway here are a few more pictures of Aoife making herself at home with our toys:

Keep away - these are mine..

I'll just sit on them to make sure no-one else can get them.

Maybe if I sleep in the toy basket I can keep them all to myself.

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  1. Oh what lovely photo's, we love a pupster! Great day out too, lucky you, we've never been like that, our human says we're far too 'trappy' whatever than means. Dex & Louis x