Sunday, 24 April 2011

Birthday and Banshee!

Well it was my first birthday on Friday - they told me it was called Good Friday but it wasn't so good as Leigh was ill with a migraine and I couldn't blog or do much special at all! I did help Judith plant some potatoes though and had some games in the garden. And I have got a brand new rainbow collar:

Alfie Crybbe is getting a bit better now although he can still be a bit grouchy and he was not impressed with getting a new sister - yes we have a new arrival. Her full name is Orlock Baobhan Sith (pronounced bahvanshee) which is Gaelic for a banshee! We are going to call her Aoife (pronounced Ee-fa) which is plenty long enough for such a tiny pup. She really scared me when she came bouncing about like a little furry black jumping bean!

This is me and Alfie Crybbe checking her out - and this is her when Leigh was holding her tight:

She looks quite sweet I suppose but I think she may be planning trouble. She has already tried to take Alfie's octopus toy and my special furry ball when she has a a whole bag of puppy toys for herself! We'll have to see how it goes.


  1. What lovely photo's, the new little pupster looks so sweet! Love your new collar, Happy Birthday for Friday and Happy Easter for today! Dex & Louis x

  2. Aww...Aoife is such a cutie!! We are loving her!! Sorry Leigh wasn't feeling well to celebrate your birthday but we are sure, celebration or not, she loves you just as much and that is the greatest gift of all! Glad that Alfie is getting better now.