Monday, 23 April 2012

My 2nd Birthday

Yesterday was my birthday and I thought my peeps might have forgotten with all the excitement of pups and visitors but when I got up - this package was on the table.

Is that all for me?

I couldn't believe all the yummy things:

These scrummy chews and..

not just one fun treat puzzle but 2!

This bone shaped one was my favourite.

And there were packets of chewy crocodiles too and a box of little bone biscuits. And that wasn't all. Just as I was settling down for a snooze after a good session of munching, my peeps said I must get ready for going out! We were going out to a historic hotel which welcomes well-behaved dogs. Even though we weren't staying there they were happy for me to go in with Leigh & Judith for coffee and teacakes. Well I said I would pass on the snacks having had plenty before I left :-) Here are some pictures of our visit - the sun even came out to shine for us after all the rain:

This is me and Judith outside the hotel - it is called Monk Fryston Hall Hotel
You can click on the link to read all about it.

Me posing by one of the stone lions.

Me and Judith in the lounge area enjoying the sun through the window.

Another view of the lounge with all the oak panelling. Parts of the hotel are over 800 years old.

Wow - is this the coffee and teacakes coming - all very smart with jam and little butter pats.

After the food (and I maybe did force myself to accept a morsel of teacake - just to be sociable of course) we all went for a stroll in the grounds. The cherry tree was huge - much bigger than the one in our garden:

and I had a chance to get a bit of furtling in too:

and then we were spotted by the ducks who thought my peeps had saved some teacake for them:

No chance guys. They were not happy and went off complaining :-)

Well - that was a day to remember - and I needed a good rest after all that excitement.

More puppy pictures later in the week!

Friday, 20 April 2012

A Busy Weekend Ahead

Here I am doing some more bonding with my pups. All sorts of things are happening to get ready for some of my little ones to go to their new homes. Appointments have been made for them to be eye tested and then they will be microchipped and checked at the vets and Leigh has been busy preparing the information booklet for the Puppy Pack which each of the new owners will be given when they pick up their pup. We have already had some visitors to look at them including Leigh's nephew Euan who was up in Yorkshire for a short visit.

Here he is getting to know my little girl. She had plenty to dream about that night:

We have more visitors coming this weekend too - the thought of all that excitement has worn my pups out!

They dropped asleep falling out of their play tunnel - can you see my little pepper & salt boy in the front with his paw round his sister :-)

Here he is again fast asleep after playing.

And one of his black & silver brothers snuggling up to me :-)

It will be my second birthday this weekend too but I don't know if we'll be able to do anything very exciting this year because of my pups...I'll keep my paws crossed with all the puppy excitement that my peeps haven't forgotten my birthday altogether :-(

Monday, 16 April 2012

The New Puppy Pen

It has been very busy here for the last few days and Leigh has had no time to put up any more pictures until now. My pups are growing bigger every day and now they have started eating some proper food I don't feel I have to do as much cleaning up after them as I did. So Leigh & Judith are having to get down to it instead :-)

I do still check them out though often and we have a bit of bonding and I see that they are doing OK........... and they see if they can still get a drink of milk!

These photos have been taken in the puppies' new pen. They now have 2 places to play. This new pen has been put up in the kitchen/dining area so that the pups can see what goes on in the busiest part of the house and get used to all the noises. Aoife has been to see them through the bars - she tries to get in to play with them but is not allowed to yet. Even my sister Caoimhe is getting interested in watching them.

This is a photo when they are in the whelping box extension which they still use as a second play area when the kitchen one is getting cleaned out.

These are 2 of my boys - one pepper & salt colour and one black & silver.

This is my little pepper & salt girl with her black & silver brother.

They are nearly 5 weeks old now and some of them will be going to their new homes in just 3 weeks time - it is hard to believe it has passed by so quickly!

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Happy Easter Everyone!

Look what we found this morning! A basket full of goodies and the Easter Bunny! I thought they were all for us dogs but then we were told chocolate is POISONOUS for dogs :-( and 2 of those scrummy eggs are for my peeps...but there are 3 eggs there..or even more?

We had to wait patiently and not look behind us - Caoimhe's mouth was watering at the thought.

And patience was rewarded when the rawhide egg was opened and it was full of little eggs!

Alfie Crybbe making his choice.

And a red one for me!

Yellow for Aoife.

And you may be wondering where my pups have gone to...

Is this what the Easter bunny woke us up for?


Tuesday, 3 April 2012

My Pups Open their Eyes

My puppies have now opened their eyes - my peeps are very happy but I'm not so sure. Now they can see me and start calling for food when I'm around. I'm hoping this is the week they're going to start to learn about proper food and I can get a rest from feeding them. Anyway here are some photos of the babies:

This is the first born boy at the top and the last born boy at the bottom enjoying the heat pad!
They haven't really got names as my peeps don't want to get too attached to the ones that will go to new homes in May. So these two are called 'Flash' - the big dark boy who has a white flash of colour on his chest and 'wee boy' who is the smallest.

A close up of the 'wee boy'

and Flash

and both together.

This boy is called Spot because his white marking is not so large.

And this is my little girl - only she is not really that little!

And all asleep in a heap again!

Anyway - I can also let the caption competition winners know their parcels have been sent out. I wanted to send you some edibles from Crufts - doggy sorbets and all sorts of wonderful yummy things but my peeps have been warned by Rubie about the mean Customs peeps who steal doggy edibles from parcels so no yummies I'm afraid but I hope you like the surprises just the same :-)

Monday, 2 April 2012

Caption Competition Winner

Today's post is to announce the winner of our caption competiton -  ZeeFM!
Congratulations Zeus!

Thank you to everyone who sent us their captions :-)  As we expected, the standard was very high and we had some wonderful entries - so to try and make it as independent as we could Judith asked some work colleagues to judge the entries. As the competition was to win some goodies from Crufts we decided to rank the entries as in a dog show so that there are five places in all which means that a gift is on its way to:

1st - ZeeFM
2nd: Wyatt
4th: Tooki
5th:  Haopee

And here is the winning entry:

The parcels will go out from the UK to the winners this week and we hope they arrive safely very soon. More posts to come this week as the puppies start to take their first steps!

And we would like to send good wishes to poor Haopee today and hope she is feeling better very soon. We were so sorry to hear about the illness - take care Haopee we are all thinking of you :-)