Saturday, 31 January 2015

A Special Gift


        The other day my peeps got a very special gift from a very special Bloggy friend :-)
A lovely photo book with pictures of all of us dogs. We were so proud to be pictured in our own little book and I know this is going to be treasured always. I am on the front cover of course :-) but here are just a few of the other pages:


                                  Crybbe with Raven and me protecting our peeps :-)


                                       Aoife posing by the flower pot on the patio


                                         Saoirse - she certainly does make us laugh :-)

         We loved seeing all the photos and their captions - thank you Haopee you're a star xxx


Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Meeting the Family


Well the big day arrived on Sunday and the pups moved into the kitchen play pen through the day and we all got to see them for the first time.


Even though they are much bigger than when they were born they are still very tiny. They are beginning to explore their new surroundings and Aoife still goes in to feed them. She does NOT like any of us getting too near and keeps a good close eye on every doggy that goes near the play pen.




They are pretty cute little pupsters and they really love the schnauzer hottie which our peeps put in the playpen for them to snuggle when Aoife is out having a break :-)



I bet they will love snuggling with us real schnauzers when the time comes and we can play together.


Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Hello World


Well it has been all puppy talk here for the last week as Aoife's little pups have been growing and growing. They sleep and feed and sleep and feed...and then at the weekend they opened their eyes!


Now they are beginning to see the world, they are starting to explore their box as well.


But they need all their energy to keep growing really so sleeping is their favourite thing after feeding.



                                      And you can see that Aoife is feeding them well BOL


Next week the pups will move from their quiet room and whelping box into the puppy pen in the kitchen and then we will all get to see them in the fur. Only sniffs under the door and hearing their squeaks for us dogs for now but the fun will start next week for sure :-)


Thursday, 1 January 2015

Happy New Year


                                          Happy New Year to all Bloggy friends!

As you can see our Aoife is missing from the group photo and this is because she has three new little pups and no time right now for fun and games.


Anyway it has been a long time since I last posted and that is because my peeps have both been ill over the festive season with bad colds and coughs :-( We did get the fire fitted and the house is lovely and warm but it did not stop the peeps falling ill! Here you can see little Saoirse hogging the best spot while I have the bed at the side:


                                Here I am enjoying a bit of snug comfort in the new bed :


But this was a bit of luck on my part as the story of the new beds is not such a good one for us schnauzers. Our peeps kindly bought two new beds for us to share this Christmas. Well the affens took the large one as soon as they saw it:


                           And me, Trilby and Pip were left to squash into the small one!


                                                      At least we were extra warm!

                                   Anyway we did have a good Christmas with a tasty dinner:


                                              And plenty of chew toys and treats as well:-)

Sadly for the peeps they did not really get started on all their eatables and I had to put on my most wistful face to try and encourage them to cut into the cake - even though we dogs were not allowed any it was a terrible temptation seeing it just sitting there uneaten! 



Anyway - we all hope that 2015 is a fun year and a good one for all Bloggy friends and their peeps and here is a little photo of our newest additions to welcome the New Year.