Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Newmillerdam Country Park


Hello bloggy friends - I have not been blogging for a while now but things have been so busy here with my grand pups going to their new families and visitors co img to stay. Just now we have three house guests - my daughter Gracie, my grandson Wilson and Aoife's son Frankie! So quite a house full with eleven of us dogs :-) Anyway, on Sunday there was a schnauzer walk in the Newmillerdam Country Park and my peeps took me and Crybbe and Pip with our guests for a day out and it was great fun.


This is me striding out at the start - I love going through the woods and furtling for new smells.


        This is Frankie wondering how many more schnauzers there can possibly be BOL


                      Wilson with a lot of meeting and greeting going on behind him


                   Crybbe ( with cleavers in his beard BOL) feeling the heat in the cornfield 


                                               Gracie cooling off in the stream 


                                                     And Pip hoping for a treat :-)

Actually there were lots of treats on offer at the end of the walk as it was a celebration of some mini schnauzer birthdays and one of the kind peeps had made bags of yummy dog cakes for us all:


                                             These are so pretty and so delicious! 

                   We did bring some home but we all enjoyed a taster before we left the park.


                      Here are some more of the dogs who came with us on the walk too:







                       And Crybbe saying hello to one of the peeps in the hope of a little snack!
              All in all a very good day out and we were ready for a snooze when we got back :-)