Monday, 15 June 2015

A Muddy Walk


This is me on Sunday ( photo taken by Nadia Sidebottom) on a special walk for schnauzers and their peeps to celebrate the birthday of Lolah mini schnauzer who is one year old. Although it was very wet and cold we had a good walk and even little Frida the affenpinscher pup managed to stride out for a bit.


Luckily the rain had stopped now and we have lovely sunshine and the garden is full of flowers. My grand pups are going out to play in the garden and having a really fun time there :-)








                                         Lots of places to explore for the little ones :-)



Monday, 8 June 2015

Lots of visitors

Now that the puppies are getting bigger we are having lots of visitors to see them. Some of my grand pups are going to families who already have one of my pups and so they came along to visit their relatives too :-)


This is Bertie meeting his little brother. Bertie was just passing through with his peeps for the day but he loved meeting the babies.


       This is Smudge getting to know his new little sister- to-be who will be called Scout :-)


             This is Otto saying hello to his sister Trilby who he hasn't seen for a long time.


                            Otto is my son and here he is with his niece Pip and my tail BOL


                                "Form a queue" - me bottom right then Trilby, Otto and Pip


                         And this is Mabel my daughter with Frida one of the affenpinschers


                                           And relaxing in the garden with the puppies.
             And here are some more photos of the little ones who are growing bigger every day!