Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Cawood Craft Fair

This is me posing in a hay stack - not my favourite place as it was very prickly :-( but my peeps had decided to take me and Gracie to visit Cawood Craft Fair which is pretty much a regular for me now each year and on the way we passed through a field with hay piled around and Leigh thought that would be a good photo opportunity...NOT! Here are me and Gracie together:

You can see I'm looking a bit fed up!

Cawood is a very ancient village going back to the 10th century and you can read more about it here.

Anyway when we got into the main village there was plenty to see 
........from old steam engines:

and antique tractors: giant vegetables:

and a guitar player singing:

As usual there were plenty of foodables about and that brightened things up a bit :-)

Here I am trying to hypnotise Judith into dropping a piece of roast pork my way.

And Gracie trying out the same eye contact technique :-)

And then there were the scarecrows:

A rugby player

A scary Royal couple with their baby and dog (?)

and brave Gracie even posed by a giant dalek!

So we had a good day. It was very hot though and we walked and walked and by the time we got home little Gracie was so tired she just fell asleep with her head on Pooh Bear :-)

Monday, 19 August 2013

A Visit to Yorkshire Sculpture Park - with Gracie

This is Gracie - my little dark pup who is very much grown up now :-) She has come back to stay with us for a couple of weeks while her new peeps are abroad on holiday. Well I wasn't that pleased actually at first when I thought she had decided to come back. I mean I spent a good while raising those pups to be independent and I didn't think they would move back again! But if it's just for a holiday - I suppose it's OK. Aoife was pleased to see her though and Trilby is very happy her little sister's back. The two of them have been having zoomies and playing in the garden.

Anyway on Sunday me and Gracie went for a trip out to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park - and Crybbe decided to tag along too:

There were lots of huge and strange sculptures there:

Crybbe was checking the notice to try and work out what this was.

This shiny ball looked as though it had landed on someone's house - you can just see our reflections in it!

This was supposed to be a sculpture but it looked just like an old tree trunk in a pit to me!

It was a beautiful place for a walk though among the trees and we even found a money tree:

Peeps had hammered coins into a fallen tree trunk. 

Leigh saw a heron a long way off in the lake and managed a fuzzy photo.

And then we found this strange sculpture:

This is another view:

We thought it must have been some sort of rain dancer because as soon as we got there the sun disappeared and it poured with rain! Crybbe wasn't at all pleased as he hates getting wet and I was a bit fed up too!

But we tried to shelter under the tables of a little coffee stop for a bit:

Gracie & Crybbe

And then set off back to the car park with a few stops for photos:

It was a fun walk even with the rain and when we got home we were all in need of a snooze. Here is Gracie dreaming of her day out :-)

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Wardrobe Wednesday

Today as a change from Wordless Wednesday I thought I would have a check of my wardrobe and blog about my favourite accessories :-) A smart mini schnauzer called Griffin and his Mum mailed my peeps to ask about my harness the other day and, although Leigh has mailed them back, I thought I could tell you all about some of my favourite accessories in a blog post. So here goes with the harness pictured above and here:

This is my walking harness which is soft and comfortable as it is fleece-lined and all the bits clip together so it doesn't need to be put over my head. I have a black one but Crybbe and Aoife have red ones:

They are called 'Perfect Fit' harnesses and they came from the dog games shop online store.

Trilby has a different type of harness from the same store - it is a lovely purple colour all in one and just slips over her head so very easy to put on and take off and that is fleece-lined too :-)

For special occasions I may also wear my Puppia harness which is very soft and light but not the best for hiking or walking in the woods as I might get it muddy when I'm furtling in the undergrowth! I've had this one for 2 years now :-)

My other favourite accessories are my hand-made collar and lead from Anita at Phat Neck collars. Here is a close-up of the pretty design:

The lead has the same design and is very smart. But my newest accessory is my new ID tag from the Kennel Club like the lovely tag my Mabel's peeps bought for her. As soon as we saw how cute it was me and Trilby wanted one just the same so here I am modelling mine :-) You can see the full range here.

I was going to model our winter coats too but decided it was just too hot - there's only so much I can put on in the cause of fashion reporting :-) Maybe when the winter returns I'll have a winter wardrobe guide. Have a great Wednesday - from me and Trilby!

Friday, 9 August 2013

Bakewell Show

This is a picture of Trilby taken yesterday when we all visited Bakewell Show which is a big agricultural show with horses, cattle, poultry, rabbits and DOGS on show as well as lots of stalls for the peeps to spend their money. I have decided to give up on the showing now and just enjoy life and blog about our adventures but Trilby, Crybbe and Aoife all entered the show ring and they all got rosettes. Trilby had to be groomed and made smart beforehand and it was a very hot day so hard to stand still for ages but she did well:

After Trilby had been in the ring we had a good wander round to look at all the others. 
There were Old English Sheepdogs:

and greyhounds:

A calf getting lots of attention:

And lots of beautiful horses dressed to perfection with ribbons and shiny coats:

And there were lots of foodables around. 
There was even a cupboard full of herrings being kippered!

And when Judith had a wild boar sausage in a bun, we just had to beg for a little try:

Yum, yum - very tasty!

Then while we were wandering round looking at stalls who should we meet but another mini schnauzer!

He had a bright bandana and I'm sure he told me his name was Trigger:

But I thought he looked a bit of a Lone Ranger :-)

He was working on one of the stalls with his peeps though so we had to say goodbye as we were looking for more treats to buy.  Here in Bakewell there is a famous foodable called a Bakewell Tart and the original recipe is supposed to be a great secret but Judith and Leigh bought two little ones to take home for their tea. Here is a photo of it:

It has a buttery light pastry with a soft almond custard on a lovely jam base and is very tasty warm...or so I was told as we dogs did not get even a smidgen of Bakewell Tart to try!

Anyway we did have a lovely day out and here are the others posing with their rosettes from the show when we got back home: