Saturday, 30 July 2011

Selby Canal Walk

The other day when it was really sunny and warm (well warm for England - about 25C) me and Alfie went on a canal walk from Selby through to Brayton (another village nearby) and on a bit further. Here are some of the views on our walk:

This is a sculpture at the start of our walk with pictures from the history of Selby canal and here we are setting off along the path:

When we set out we hardly met anyone and the path was clear ahead:

Time for a bit of furtling:

But then we found some more sculptures and Alfie Crybbe wanted to show off his jumping skills:

One of the sculptures had writing on it:

We understood about strolling and exercise but we didn't see any fishes and we didn't reach a pub! But we did see some sheep on the other bank:

And some geese:

Then we went under a bridge where the path was very narrow and we had to go single file so as not to fall in:

By this time it was getting very hot and we thought it was time for a rest and just then - there was a lovely wooden bench!

with a little plaque dedicated to another human stroller and his dog:

We had to move on after this as Judith & Leigh were getting a bit tearful! As we walked by the hedges you could see through the gaps across the fields. Here is a picture through the hedge with Brayton church steeple in the distance:

And we saw lots of birds and butterflies too. Here is a lovely peacock butterfly:

Then it was time to turn back as we were all getting very hot and no pub in sight for refreshments! But we did see some boats heading off down the canal on our way back:

And here we are almost back at the start. It was a good walk but next time I think we need to plan a route with some refreshments!

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Northern Schnauzer Club Fun Day

Well it has been such a long time since I could blog because our computer has been stored under the stairs while Judith re-decorated the front room but at last we are back to normal - well just about - and I can show some pictures of our great day out last Sunday at the Northern Schnauzer Club Fun Day. It was a bit windy and rainy at times but we all had a good time.

This is a picture of the humans with their dogs - we dogs of course are less interested in pictures. We prefer to check each other out the canine way:

There were so many schnauzers of all sizes and colours. There were giants:

and black & silver minis:

And even minis with their own umbrella:

And there were lots of games like the sausage race:

I wanted to take part but Judith & Leigh say I have to watch my weight so I just had to look on - I could so smell those sausages:

But then Aoife came second in the best trick competition for dancing on her back legs and she won us some fishy treats and I was able to share those - yummy!

Here she is among all the schnauzers waiting for her prize.Then they announced the fancy dress competition but I wasn't unhappy about missing out on that!! Here are are some of the entrants:

Super Schnauzer who won first prize.

My favourite - the German Schnauzer in his lederhosen!

Some girls in gymslips!!!

And this lumberschnauzer?

Well I hope you enjoyed the photos. I'll be back blogging regularly now we're back on the computer and will catch up on my blog friends news too!

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Brayton Barff

Today me and Alfie Crybbe had a trip to Brayton Barff which is a woodland not far from our village. There are lots of paths to follow and good places for furtling!

This is the view across the fields from the wood and this is Alfie and me setting off:

Just checking that Judith and Leigh are coming - they walk so slowly sometimes!

There are lots of ancient trees in this wood and strange knobbly trunks:

as well as ferns and flowers. These are some rosebay willow herb:

And now on to some furtling:

Then Alfie Crybbe came to investigate:

There were so many good smells that needed investigating:

But then I thought I heard something moving so I set off to see what was going on:

and suddenly right by the wood was a field and in the field there were horses:

They saw me and started coming over to investigate:

So I decided to go back and find the others quickly! I thought they might try to get into the wood so Alfie and me stood guard for a bit in case Judith & Leigh needed protecting:

But they didn't get out of the field so we were alright after all and headed off home for a rest. We were going to tell Aoife and Caoimhe all about it but when we got home they were fast asleep!

Monday, 4 July 2011

Summer Days

It has been very hot this weekend - too hot to do very much except lounge on the swing sun bed:

This is us girls: me on the right with Caoimhe on the left and Aoife in the middle. But it is quite a big sun lounger so Alfie Crybbe and Kaska decided to join us:

As we were being so lazy Leigh took some pictures of some of our pretty garden flowers too:

This rose is called Hyde Hall which is a garden in Essex run by the Royal Horticultural Society. The bush is covered in these beautiful pink roses just now.

This is a foxglove - it looks as if there are paw prints in the flowers!

These are called osteospermums - but their prettier name is Cape Daisy or African Daisy..... and for all my doggy friends out there who like me are more interested in us canines than flowers - here are a couple more pictures of our new pup:

Caoimhe looking out of the patio doorway and - here she is sharing the doughnut bed with Aoife:

Friday, 1 July 2011

My new sister Caoimhe

Oh no - another schnauzer has joined our family! My Mum & Dad had another litter of pups seven weeks ago and now one of my new sisters has come to live here. She is called Caoimhe (which is pronounced Kee-va) and she is trying to sort out who's who here at the moment:

Here is Aoife checking her out and then she went outside on the patio:

..and thought she could get back in through the window!

But she's settling in sorting out her toys - although I think Aoife is being kind and letting her share hers:

Caoimhe woke us all up at midnight but then went back to sleep but she decided 5.30 am was a lie-in so we all got up at 4.45 am this morning. I think Judith & Leigh are wishing it was me setting the rising time now! But she looks so sweet you can't be cross with her: