Sunday, 29 March 2015

Frankie in York


This is little Frankie who is Aoife's son. He is still living with us until after Easter when he goes to his new home. He is a real little monkey even though he looks very cute!


                         He loves playing with treasures he finds in the garden.

Yesterday my peeps took him to York to have a look at the sights and to meet people. It was his first big trip out but he was not worried:


The weather was not so good. Wind and rain all morning and poor Frankie did get a bit wet!


                                 But he watched the market stalls being set up


                                                   Yorkshire Rhubarb


                                             And fish from the Yorkshire fishermen


                                                     He saw the York Minster


And when Judith & Leigh went to the restaurant he settled on his mat on the floor 



                     Then it was time for the bus journey back to the park and ride car park


         A busy day but he was a little star. We will miss you little Frankie when you go :-) 



Wednesday, 18 March 2015

A Birthday Walk


Hello Bloggy friends - it is me Magic back today :-) and loads to tell you all. My pups from 2012 and 2013 were celebrating their birthdays on 15 and 17 March so a little schnauzer walk was organised to celebrate. Sadly not many of our Darksprite pups were able to make it in the end but lots of schnauzer friends came along and we had a good time together. You can just see me and Pip heading off together in that photo above and my boy Maverick and his big "brother" Monty in the front.


                         Here I am in my fleece hoodie as it was a bit chilly on Sunday.


              My grand-daughter Pixie who lives in the Midlands with her big "sister" Lola.


                                           Lola in her smart bandana and lead. 


                                                        My boy Maverick :-)


                                        Pretty Maisie who is Maverick's big "sister" 


                                                        Pip doing a bit of furtling 

                                  And a beautiful Giant schnauzer called Jett ( aka Naughty BOL)

                                                 There were even cakes for the peeps:


                            The dog cakes were munched before a picture could be taken!!

Anyway it was a good day and we enjoyed meeting lots of new friends as well as family. And just before I finish this post, here are a few more photos from my trip to Crufts with Crybbe including my son Maverick looking a picture in the show ring. No rosette that day but I thought he looked very handsome :-)








                                             And saying hello to Maverick after the showing :-)






Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Crybbe at Crufts Part Two


Well I know the big event is all over now and the lovely Scottie dog took the prize - Well done Knopa! -but here are some more of my adventures there on Friday. It started out with a journey on the SkyTrain from the hotel to the NEC where Crufts is held.


This is the Scottie stand in Discover Dogs but when we got there the peeps and their dogs had not yet arrived. There are so many different stands to visit in Discover Dogs and let's peeps who are looking for a new canine member of the family meet actual dogs of the breeds they want to see if they would fit in with their lifestyle. There is plenty of opportunities to meet the dogs and their owners.


                                                               A cute HungarianPumi




                                                              The Giant Schnauzer stand


                                                              The Sealyham Terrier Stand


                                      And of course the best one of all - the affenpinscher stand :-)


                                                         The lovely Fizz meeting and greeting


                      There are also stands for breed rescue for those peeps looking to rehome a dog.




                                                        And stands for animal health and welfare


                                               But my favourite stalls were the treat and eat stalls BOL



                                        There were so many lovely places to stop for a doggy snack :-)


But Friday was my last day at the show and it was a long journey back home for me. Magic had a chance to go on Sunday so she will be back soon with her post about her adventures ( although I might have actually managed to tag along with her too BOL )





Thursday, 5 March 2015

Crybbe at Crufts Part One



This is Crybbe at Crufts today. After a long rail journey he was glad to get to the Food Hall where there are so many stalls showing off their best dog foods nom nom...and treats on offer too. Here is Crybbe at the Lily's Kitchen stand.

There is so much to see for any peeps that love dogs and lots of the dog charities have stands where they explain the good work that assistance dogs do to help people who need that little extra from their canine friends:





And of course there are all the good dog rescue charities who get the chance to show the work they do to help abandoned and abused dogs and find new loving families for them:




Large rescues and small can have a stand at Crufts to publicise their good work for dogs :-)

If you are looking for some activity to enjoy with your dog there is plenty of help and information at 
too. From Heelwork to Music to Agility and Scentwork there is so much to find out about.




Well after a strenuous afternoon at the NEC Crybbe was more than ready to get the SkyTrain back to the hotel:


                                                              And a well earned snooze.


                         More about Crufts tomorrow including lots of photos from Discover Dogs!

Still time to book your tickets for this great dog event. Just visit the Crufts website or come along on the day at the NEC - three more days of fun to come :-) Check this link