Monday, 23 December 2013

Viewing the Pups


At last me and Trilby got to see those pups! We still can't get right up close but at least we got a peek of them. They are still very small but they can move quite fast :-)


                                                  They all came over to say hello.


Aoife is still feeding them although they are getting so big they have to take turns. Poor Aoife is looking quite worn out. I think she'll be glad when they start eating proper food.


                                This is the boy - he is bigger than his sisters but very cute :-)


Anyway not long to Christmas now - the preparations have been put on hold till the last minute because of the pups but hopefully that won't mean Santa Paws forgets about us. We're looking forward to plenty of treats this year :-)

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Two Weeks Old Today

Aoife's pups are 2 weeks old today and their eyes are just beginning to open. I so want to go and see them but my peeps have said I have to wait another week as Aoife wants to spend as much time looking after them with no stress as she can. As if I would stress her!  But here are some photos Leigh took for us to see.






Saturday, 7 December 2013

Advent Affen Pups


Well Aoife is now a proud Mum too! She decided to take our peeps by surprise and have her babies early  - so Saturday night she started pacing about and not long after midnight on Advent Sunday she had one little pup....and with Judith & Leigh on hand to help if needed she had 2 more by the time we all got up.


         Here are the pups not long after they were born. There are 2 little girls and a boy.


Aoife is very pleased she has her very own babes and she is not letting anyone get too near if she can help it. See her look when the peeps go near:


                                                  And her 'these are mine' pose:


                   But they are sweet little pups and will probably grow fast just like mine.


                                                       More photos to follow I am sure :-)