Wednesday, 3 December 2014

The Day of the Logs


Yesterday a strange thing happened here - a man came with a big trailer full of logs and tipped them all over our driveway! Us dogs all told him what we thought of that but he didn't seem to care and just drove away again. Anyway Leigh seemed happy to have the logs and spent the afternoon putting them into the shed.


And she even brought some into the house. We thought they might have been for us to play with but they have been stacked up on this new black shelf and in a nice wicker basket.



The only problem is we haven't got a fire :-) but Judith and Leigh have been talking about a new wood burning stove so we will have to wait and see what turns up. In the meantime Saoirse has decided to clean her teeth with the kindling :-)


                         She couldn't believe it when Leigh said they were not for chewing on!