Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Walk at Fairburn Ings


This is a photo looking across the river from the RSPB wild bird reserve near where we live. I had a lovely walk there yesterday with Crybbe and Aoife and our peeps. It was very sunny and warm and lots of flowers are coming out now making it bright and cheerful :-)



                                             A little robin was singing in the trees.



When the peeps stopped for a cup of coffee, we dogs were able to have a rest in the shade under the table, although we did keep popping out in the hope of a titbit BOL



              As well as the little birds there were ducks and geese and even seagulls visiting.





We had a fun walk and came home very tired - I was glad to settle down for a rest all afternoon.



Sunday, 22 May 2016

Abbeys and Castles


Here in Yorkshire there are lots of abbeys and castles which peeps like to visit even though they are mostly in ruins BOL 


Yesterday me and Crybbe went for a visit to Easby Abbey and Richmond Castle which are not far from each other - Judith and a friend came along with us too :-)


                                  Here I am in one of the huge doorways of the abbey


                   It is an enormous building even in ruins - see how small we look in the photo!
                It was founded in 1152 so over 850 years old - English Heritage look after it now.


                  This is the River Swale that runs nearby and these are the Swaledale sheep:


It did start to rain while we were there so we took shelter in a dog friendly cafe and met two more schnauzers outside:


                                  At the castle we had to climb many stairs to reach the top:

                                    Here we are on the parapet - it was very windy up there!


                                    And a few more views of the countryside around the castle: 




                                                          This is me furtling in the wild garlic!


                                                                          Crybbe :-)

                It was a good day out and we may go back again when the weather is better BOL


Saturday, 7 May 2016

Schnauzer Walk at Oakwell Country Park


Today was a lovely sunny day - we are all hoping that summer is really coming now! Me and Trilby and Pip went on an organised Schnauzer Walk with our peeps to a great dog friendly country park with woods and streams and bluebells and so many pawsome smells! 


                                    Here I am enjoying a good scent in the grass :-)


                                        And running to catch up with the others!
                  Here are some more of the schnauzers who were on the walk with us.





                                                               We saw horses too!



                                                       And lots of pretty bluebells :-)


                                    We had lots of places to run and jump as well as sniff!


                                                  Me and Trilby with our friend Lottie


                                                                          Trilby :-)


                                                                       .......and me! 

                                                   And to round off a lovely walk - ice cream!!



I am sure we will be able to persuade our peeps to take us back there as they enjoyed it too!