Thursday, 29 May 2014

Gracie and Wilson Stay for the Weekend


Last weekend was a Bank Holiday here in the UK and my daughter Gracie and her new little brother ( my grandson ) Wilson came to spend a few days with us while their peeps were abroad working. Sadly the weather has been very wet here so days out became very muddy!


This is poor Gracie up to her knees in mud at the Yorkshire Game Fair at Newby Hall. Pip and Wilson went too and rode some of the way in their carriage but when they got out for a walk they got very dirty :-(


           Poor Pip was not happy about the mud spoiling her nice designer harness 


She just wanted to be back in the carriage and go home. Leigh had to wrap her in her jacket and keep her snug and hidden until she could get home for a bath.

There were lots of interesting things to see at the Game Fair though like this kestrel waiting to show off his flying skills:


                                                    This Scottish bagpipe player:


                                               And lots of other dogs to meet and greet:


      And here are some more pictures of Gracie and Wilson back home again and clean :-)



It was fun to have relatives to stay and Trilby loved having her sister back for games in the garden. See you again soon Gracie and Wilson :-)

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Mabel Comes to Play


Do you remember Mabel - one of my daughters - who went to live with her new family in York. Well she came to visit us on Sunday and had a great time playing in the garden with Trilby and the affens:


I was out on a schnauzer walk with Pip in the morning but found them all playing when we got home lunchtime.

Trilby was really happy to have her little ( or not so little now) sister back for a play date. And after lunch they went for a walk through the woods near our house:



                             There were some lovely bluebells although not so many as last week:


                                     And then back home for some more games in the garden :-)




                                        It was lovely to see you Mabel - hope to meet up again soon :-)

Friday, 16 May 2014

Pip goes to Puppy School


Pip is really growing up now and is able to go out and about and meet other dogs too. Yesterday evening she started puppy school at Well Connected Canines in York. And who did she meet there but her brother Wilson who lives with his new peeps now in York :-)


Wilson is very cute and he loves his food just like me and Pip. So both pups were very pleased when they were able to play hunt the treat at school while the peeps were talking...and even more when they discovered their welcome bag had lots of yummy things too.


As well as the treats there was a clicker for the peeps to use when they train the pups and a book with lots of useful information. Pip has to go out and about as much as possible to meet as many different kinds of people and have as many experiences as she can while she is still learning about the world. Judith & Leigh have plans to take her ( and maybe me too :-) ) to lots of events this summer.


            Trilby loves Pip's new tug toy and she couldn't wait to have games with it. 


          Pip's other favourite toy is the furry mouse - she thinks it could be a real one!

Anyway Pip and Wilson really enjoyed their first visit to puppy school. Here is Wilson posing for the camera - he always did like having his photo taken :-)


                                                       What a cute grandpup he is :-)

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Puppy Days Out


Now the weather has improved my grand pup Pip and Aoife's daughter Saoirse are getting a chance to go out and about and see the world. Pip cannot go walking around yet as she has not had her vaccinations but she is happy to ride in her pink carriage while Saoirse enjoys a stroll.


This was when they went into Selby to see the Abbey and to sit outside the Hope Yard Cafe while the peeps had coffee :-)


Then on Sunday a friend of our peeps came down to York with her young dog Ruby and they all met up for an explore of the city and lunch.


                                                       This is Ruby - she is very cute :-)

Lots of people were stopping to see the pups and then Saoirse had a big adventure when she met the Purple man!


                                          Here she is riding in the basket on his bicycle :-)


I think she was a bit jelly that Pip got to ride in the special pink carriage and wanted a ride of her own :-)


                            Here she is keeping an eye out for any more fun things to do!

                             She spotted a haunted house but that was a bit too scary!


                              So after lunch it was back home for a snooze for them both:



                                                                 Sweet babies :-)