Sunday, 27 October 2013

Schnauzer Girls at Harewood House

Yesterday we schnauzer girls - me and my daughters Trilby and Mabel went on a visit to Harewood House with our peeps. Mabel is staying with is for a week while her family are on holiday in France. Harewood House has lots of woodland places for us dogs to wander on lead and enjoy the smells. We were also allowed in the Walled Garden where we found a wheel barrow full of pumpkins   :-)


                              Here I am checking out one of the largest.

                        And there was even a scarecrow guarding the vegetables :-)


Leigh wanted us to sit for a photo together but there were too many interesting smells so only Mabel posed for a picture:


           She is looking a bit wet here - it wasn't raining but very wet on the grass.


But here we are all together waiting to see who else was coming along the path. That's me in the front with Mabel behind me and Trilby with her smart purple harness.

In the Himalayan Garden there was this - it is called a Stupa and was built here by Buddhist monks from Bhutan in 2004. It is the only one in the UK.


                               This is a close up picture of the Buddha figure.

We had a lovely morning exploring the grounds and woods and I think we just might get a chance to come here again in the Spring. It is another dog friendly place to visit in Yorkshire and not far from where we live.


One more picture of my 2 girls - Trilby in front and her little sister Mabel behind in her red harness.


Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Holiday in Wales Part 2

Well here is my second round up of pictures from our holiday in Wales. Little Dumpledale Farm was great fun. We had a big house to stay in and a good enclosed garden to explore. Here are Trilby and Aoife checking out the garden:
Plenty of good smells to find.
Crybbe seeing what the neighbours are up to.
Trilby with her favourite carrot toy looking for one of us to chase her!
And Crybbe choosing the best chair for a snooze.
But while the weather was still lovely and sunny we did get out to visit more sights too.

Here we are visiting a 13th century castle built by Edward 1 in 1277. It is HUGE and has very thick stone walls and a big moat (no water in it now :-))

You could climb right up inside and look out over the countryside but the steps were too steep for us doggies so Judith held us tight while Leigh climbed up to take some photos.

Can you see the pigeon on the right. He flew out of one of the little crevices when Leigh climbed up.

You can see in this picture how tiny we were compared to the huge castle.

This photo is from when we went on the four mile Marine Drive around Great Orme near Llandudno. It was a Victorian carriage drive in the past but we went in the car and stopped off to explore and see the views.

It was quite craggy and there were lots of sheep right near the cliff edge. One was trying to find himself the best view:

We schnauzers thought that if a sheep could climb up so high we would show how brave we were and so we perched on the stone wall for our photos:

This is me posing with the sea in the background and the wind in my beard :-)

And this is Trilby looking just a little bit anxious!
Well these were just a few of our best times in Wales but I hope we can go back again another time and see lots more :-)

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Holiday in Wales Part 1

It has been quite a while since my peeps have been able to use the internet because we have been having a holiday in Wales and they could not get any signals for their phones or anything. But we did have a good time just the same! This was my very first holiday and we did so many things and saw so many places it will take more than one post to show you the photos. The one above was at Lily Ponds where you could walk all the way through trees and over a bridge to the beach.

This is me and Trilby on the sands - my first trip to a beach :-)

I had a good run on that beach - I have never seen so much space for running!

I would say it was pretty windy that day!

But there were other days when the sun shone and we had fields to run in.

This was Crybbe surveying the back patio of the first holiday house we stayed in. It was near Llandudno and was called Mory.

 Aoife and Trilby enjoyed smelling the rosemary on the decking.

And Judith & Leigh had some lovely meals there - this was their first breakfast in the new kitchen/dining area

And we slept in our beds there too at night - here is Trilby enjoying a snooze in a sunbeam :-)
And this was a little summer house at the side of the main house - very pretty.
Well we stayed here for a few days and then we moved to the south of Wales to a place called Pembrokeshire to stay at Little Dumpledale Farm which is very dog-friendly. More about that in my next post but here is a photo of the farmhouse where we stayed for the rest of the week: