Sunday, 19 June 2016

Bramham Horse Trials


This is a photo of me (L) with Pip and Trilby at Bramham Horse Trials last weekend. It was a good day to start with and we had a fun time following the cross country course, meeting up with my son Smudge and my granddaughter Scout and their peeps....and then disaster....Leigh had been taking photos when she fell on the muddy slope and broke her wrist! Paramedics came and lots of other kind peeps helped her but she had to go to hospital and now she has her arm all bandaged and cannot use her right hand at all. Anyway before disaster struck she did get lots of photos so here are some pictures from the event :-)








                                    And some photos of Smudge and Scout too :-)


                              There were lots of stalls selling yummy treats as well :-)



So I may not be blogging for a bit until Leigh can use her right hand a bit better but I will check in to read bloggy friend posts when I can :-) 




Thursday, 9 June 2016

A Walk in the Gardens at Castle Howard


This is Castle Howard which is a huge stately home in Yorkshire with woods and gardens and lots of lovely places to explore for peeps and their dogs. We canines are not allowed in the house but pretty much everywhere else which makes it a good place for a visit at any time of year.


           Pip came along with me and here we are in front of the beautiful azaleas with Judith.




        It was a very hot day and we were wondering whether to jump into the fish pond BOL


                                      Maybe not - there were some pretty big fish in there!

                              Here are some more photos from the grounds where we walked.











                                                                       And me!


By the time we got back to the car it was very hot! Luckily we had our cooling coats to put on which keep us lovely and cool when it gets too hot. Here is a photo of Pip - you can just see her cooling jacket - lovely and blue :-)




Wednesday, 8 June 2016

A Play and Groom Date at our house


On Monday the sun returned and just as well - we had visitors coming for a groom and a play at our house. My daughter Gracie and grandson Wilson came round for a grooming session and their affen "brother" Frankie who is Aoife's son ( Frida's brother ) came along as well. You can see Gracie and Wilson in the middle of the photo above with Crybbe on the left and Frida on the right. Trilby is there too beside the rose bush :-) 


This is Wilson having the matts taken out of his furnishings with Judith's new super duper grooming hoover BOL - it is quite noisy but Wilson did not seem to mind. 


                                        Here he is looking very smart and tidy 


                 Back in the garden - Raven has joined the little gang leading the way :-)


     This is Gracie after her grooming - can you see all the clipped off hair by the wigwam!


           Frankie the affenpinscher did not need much grooming - he is very handsome :-)


                                                           Wilson and Frankie 


Leigh made this special picture from a photo she took of Gracie and Wilson with their tails touching :-)


                             And this is Frankie enjoying a rest on the top of the crates :-)

It was lovely to see the relatives again and we hope to meet up with them again soon for a walk as well 


Sunday, 5 June 2016

A Bracing Beach Walk


This is me on the beach at Bridlngton the other day. Our peeps decided to take me with Crybbe and Raven and Saoirse to the coast which sounds like a really fun idea but not quite what we expected BOL - it was freezing cold ( yes - in June!) and blowing a gale. The sand blew up everywhere and we had it in our beards, our furnishings, our eyes..everywhere.


                                          Crybbe  was none too happy with the day out! 


                                   Saoirse kept asking our peeps if it was time to go home.


                                  And Raven thought his ears were going to blow off!


                         I tried to make the best of it by running around to keep warm though.





             After a while Crybbe decided he had had enough and sat down in protest BOL


So we had a wander among the grasses at the edge of the sand and made our way back to the car.


                         All paws crossed for a better day the next time we go to the coast!

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Schnauzer Walk at Fewston Reservoir


Last Saturday me and Trilby and Pip with Judith & Leigh met up with some other schnauzers and their peeps for a walk around a reservoir and we had great fun there.


                           There were lots of ducks and geese with their chicks.


                     Woodland streams and pretty flowers for the peeps to enjoy. 


                   And plenty of good smells for me and the other canines to enjoy!



                      Everyone had a good time and some got very wet and muddy!



                         Pip loved the smells and searching out rabbit droppings BOL


By the time we came home all we wanted to do was curl up together for a good nap.