Saturday, 17 September 2016

Hello again - and a farewell to blogging


Hello bloggy friends - I am back once more. Leigh's broken wrist took a long time healing and many things have happened here since my last post. One piece of exciting news - my affenpinscher sister Saoirse gave birth to two beautiful puppies at the end of June. They are called Danny and Moth - and Moth has decided that she would like to take up blogging herself now. So this will be my very last post ( number 333) and little Moth will take over keeping everyone up to date with her adventures...and I am sure us other doggies will get a mention too now and again BOL. Her blog can be visited here : 

Anyway, back to my quick catch up of events over the past three months here. These are a couple of photos of the newcomers:


                                                          Soon after they were born :-) 


                                                      And when they were a bit older :-) 

We have also had visitors here. My daughter Mabel and my grandson Kaspar came to stay for a week here while their family were abroad and then my great grandson Oliver came for a few days with his "brother" Keith. We were quite a house full but it was great fun BOL



                                                    A couple of pics of us all in the garden!

After the visitors had gone back to their families, my peeps organised a little get together at Ferry Meadows Country Park where me and Trilby ( and Crybbe) met up with my son Creggan, my grandson Finley and my granddaughter Pixie and their families for a walk and picnic and treats for us dogs :-)


                                                                   A group photo :-)


                                                                My grandson Finley :-)


                                                             My granddaughter Pixie :-)


                                   My son Creggan on the right with his "brother" Rodders :-)


                                           And me (on the left) with Trilby and Crybbe! 

So bloggy friends -thank you so much for following my adventures and I am looking forward to a fun filled time ahead here as our canine family grows with new young ones. I know that Moth will call in to check out my friends' blog posts but I am happy to hand over the task now to younger paws :-) woofs and licks from Magic xx