Monday, 24 February 2014

The New Arrivals


Yes bloggy friends this is a post about our new arrivals who came unexpectedly early and the photo is my girl Trilby who made me a granny on Friday morning when she had her first babies :-)


I didn't like to say that I thought she was looking a bit porky but it didn't surprise me when those pups decided enough was enough and they wanted to be born. Poor Trilby did not have such an easy time as I did with my babes. They should be born head first but the first one out decided to do things his own way and come out bottom first! Leigh & Judith had to do all they could to help as if was very painful for little Trilby. But the good news is that Trilby was a star and has given me six grand pups - YES 6 puppies - 3 girls and 3 boys :-)


                                            Here they are the day they were born.

Well Leigh is back sleeping downstairs with this new lot of babies. They were quite small at first being 5 days early but they are getting bigger every day and making lots of noise for such little ones. We haven't been allowed to see them yet but we do hear (and smell ) them now and again when we put our noses under the door. Trilby is not as protective as Aoife was with her pups and she doesn't mind Leigh & Judith lifting them out to weigh them and see they are OK. But she is a good mother (of course  being my daughter :-)) and sees to their needs and when she comes back from going outside herself she counts them to make sure there are none missing!


They are hungry little babies but Trilby will make sure they are well looked after and she did get a chance to catch a bit of sunshine in the garden today and a furtle around as a break from maternal duties.


                                                     Aoife keeping an eye on her too :-)


So more puppy pics to follow but just so I don't forget - Raven left us for his new home down south at the weekend and is settling in well with his family there - and here is a photo of him just before he left sharing the doughnut bed with me.


Monday, 17 February 2014

An Inspector Calls


I may not look too happy here but I'm just a bit tired as it has been so busy here lately. The other day we had a visit from a Kennel Club inspector who had come to check that everything was being done right by our peeps with the breeding. Judith & Leigh are Kennel Club Assured Breeders which means they want to breed healthy, sociable dogs who are looked after as well as possible. Some bad breeders have got on the Scheme and so the Kennel Club here in the UK said from now on no-one on the Scheme can register their puppies unless they have been assessed to be doing the right thing. So Judith & Leigh had to get the Inspector man to come so they could register Aoife's babies. 


The puppies weren't bothered about him coming. They just like snuggling with me for a snooze :-) But me and Trilby made sure he knew we were happy and woofed our happiness to him when he came in. He was so pleased to meet us all! Anyway he stayed a lo-ong time and asked loads of questions and wanted to know where we slept and what happened when Judith & Leigh went on holiday. He took photos all over the place - pics of us dogs of course and of medication, first aid kits, our beds, our crates, the cars, our food........


Leigh had to lift one of our food chubs out of the freezer as we have special yummy raw meat and veg food from Nutriment.Then he wanted copies of all the information and contract they give to puppy buyers to take back to the Kennel Club. Well 3 hours later and my peeps were nearly worn out but hopefully they will pass the assessment and get a tick next to their name on the Assured Breeder List. 


                                  Me and Trilby relaxing in the conservatory after he left :-)

Sunday, 16 February 2014

And then there were two


Well as you can see I am still trying to get a bit of rest here without much luck even though there are just two little affen puppies here now. Yes one has gone to live with her new family.....and it is the little girl my peeps thought was going to stay after all. My peeps worry so much that the pups are going to the best possible home and sometimes they don't know why but they get worried that one that seemed to be a good home might not be the best. Twice there were families that wanted her but both times Leigh & Judith were fretting it wasn't right and thought they would just keep her. Then suddenly some more peeps got in touch and third time was best - these seemed just the right ones :-)


                                               "Will these be my new family now?"

She is a very cute little girl and a cheeky monkey too! Her new peeps have changed her name to Darcy which we think is a lovely name for her. Here are a few photos of her over the last 11 weeks:





The last picture is Darcy on her new Mum's lap yesterday when she left for her new home. My peeps have heard she is settling in well and getting know the house and garden...only one of the cats there is not too pleased but I'm sure she'll get to love the cheeky affen pup. Enjoy your new life Darcy and have fun xx


Back with more news very soon - and excuse my bad beard in this pic - someone has been playing with it !

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Saoirse, Sable & Raven


Hello again bloggy friends - you must have been thinking I had gone on holiday it has been so long since I last posted! No such luck - we have all been so busy with the puppies and with peeps coming to see them that there has been no time for blogging. But I will try and catch up with everyone over the next week and start keeping you up to date on what is happening here :-)

Well the babies are still all here but the little boy Raven will be going to a new home in a couple of weeks. He will be with his grandmother and other little affens and will have a wonderful life ahead of him:


                                              This is Raven (Darksprite Raven King)


                                                         And these are his two sisters:


                                                         Sable ( Darksprite Faerie Bride)


                                                     and Saoirse (Darksprite Grace Adieu



At first my peeps were going to only keep Saoirse but they have decided that both the sisters can stay now so Sable will be here too - not sure if that is going to mean double trouble. I think so! Saoirse (pronounced Ser-sha) is a sweet girl and loves to play with me when she can - she also really loves her toy furry mouse! Sable is a bit wilder and likes to chase the others round the furniture. Fun times ahead :-)