Wednesday, 30 April 2014

A Trip to Harewood House ( Part Two)


Back to our visit to Harewood House and this is the beautiful Himalayan Garden with waterfalls and lots of pretty trees. Plenty of good smells here too and so much to see I had to keep looking round to see I wasn't missing anything.


We also had a furtle around the vegetable and fruit garden. The gardeners were still planting and weeding but there were some things to see like this early asparagus showing through the earth:


                                     And the globe artichoke starting to open up:


                                     There was pretty blossom on the apple trees too:


                              Then we left the garden through this doorway in the wall:


                                   And headed back through the Himalayan Garden:


Some little peeps were using these stones to cross the stream but we used the bridge :-)


                  This is Saoirse who was getting a bit tired by now after our long walk.


                                                     "Is it time to go home now?"


                                I was busy looking at this strange plant that eats insects!!
It is called a pitcher plant and has a sweet smell to attract insects but when they come to investigate they fall in and get eaten - we kept well away from that for sure. 

Anyway all that talk of eating made my peeps feel peckish so it was off to the Courtyard Cafe for refreshments.

                   And then back home to see the others and have a well deserved snooze :-)


Monday, 28 April 2014

A Trip to Harewood House (part 1)


This grand building is Harewood House which is not too far from where we live. Last year my peeps took Trilby and Mabel for a visit but this time it was me and Saoirse who got to enjoy the grounds. 


Here I am by the ornamental flower beds - this was just before the rain came down in a sudden April shower!


This was the view in the rain but luckily before long the sun cam out again and we were able to have a good furtle around :-)


There were so many lovely flowers to see - bluebells, primroses and azaleas everywhere we looked;




There is a lovely walk around the banks of the river and there were plenty of ducks and geese to be seen.



                           And even a heron perching on a fence pole for a better view:


Saoirse enjoyed the sights and smells although she did pick up some raindrops and sand in her fur:


There was a Himalayan Garden, a walled vegetable and fruit garden and just so much to see. But I will save some of the pictures for another post.


                                                            See you soon :-)

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Grand pups growing up


Hello Bloggy Friends! It has been many weeks since my last post as things have been very busy here lately with the pups growing...and very sad times too as Judith's Dad crossed the Rainbow Bridge before Easter and so did my good friend our neighbour Jimmy who loved us dogs and always had a biscuit jar ready with doggy snacks for us. 

In those weeks my grand-pups just grew and grew and now some of them have gone to their new families to live. These are the pups just before they left us and some photos of the lovely Lola who is now my granddaughter Pixie's big sister :-)




                                                                    And Pixie:


My grandson Wilson has gone to live with his Auntie Gracie who is Trilby's younger sister:


And Finley has a big brother mini schnauzer now called Fritz and has gone to live in Kent:


                                 And Bertie is with his new peeps in a lovely home in Norfolk:


Well that just leaves the other two girls who are with us now. Marley will go to her forever home next weekend and little Pip will stay here with us. Trilby is happy she will have one of her little girls to still play games with. This is Marley who is helping with the gardening before she leaves:


                                                                        And this is Pip:


We are all hoping that the weather gets sunny again soon. I did have some days over Easter when I could furtle in the garden but it is all back to raining again today :-(


                                                                  See you again soon!