Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Countdown begins.....


This was Aoife a few days ago with Trilby - she could still share a bed then but not any more!


Aoife was trying to explain to Trilby about impending motherhood but I'm not sure she understood BOL


This was Aoife yesterday needing a whole bed to spread out now - I remember what that felt like:-(
And then there's the hunger.... Peeps never seem to realise that you are eating for many and you have to remind them every time that the bowl is empty:


Leigh says Aoife is having extra food but not so much that the pups grow too big before birth - well we have to believe it but those pups have started kicking now and we are all counting down the days to when they are born :-)


The peeps are getting anxious and excited but me and Trilby are keeping our cool.  After all I know what it's like already and I'm sure Aoife will be fine :-)

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Aoife's Exciting News


This is my affenpinscher sister Aoife and she has some exciting news to share. After our holiday in Wales this summer she went to visit a fine affen boy called Gus and now she is expecting some puppies :-) Well she is very happy to think she may soon have some little pups of her own and I have been giving her lots of tips of course being an experienced mother. I have also told her she can use my special white box for her pups when the time comes.


Judith and Leigh have put it together again to make sure everything is right and made it sparkling clean and comfortable. And all the other necessaries are being prepared for the birth.


It has actually become very cold here just now. Overnight the leaves on the big silver birch in the garden turned golden yellow:


So I have kindly lent Aoife my maternity hoodie to wear when she goes out. It is soft and warm and very stretchy so just right for a dog with a growing waistline :-)


                        Here she is waiting to go out and looking so pleased with her hoodie!

Well I will keep you up to date on how things go with little Aoife - we are hoping her pups will be born around the beginning of December :-)


Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Schnauzer Gifts Galore


No this is not a picture of our family but one of the new Christmas cards that my peeps are selling in the Northern Schnauzer Club shop. On Saturday they left really early to set up their stall at the Northern Schnauzer Championship Show. It was going to be too busy for us to go so we stayed home to look after the house and Judith came back to see we were OK lunch time :-)


This lovely clock was one of the items they were selling and there were lots more too.


A tumbler in a tin - Leigh said the tin would be very good for dog treats which sounded a good idea to me :-)


This is the schnauzer club calendar - no photos of my pups this year but some lovely photos anyway.


                                                And a pretty key ring all the way from Sweden!


          This is the other pretty Christmas card design - we are so looking forward to Christmas!

Anyway after a long day at the show and a good snooze on our part Judith & Leigh came home very tired but with some tasty treats for us dogs yum yum - homemade dog biscuits :-)


So me and Aoife agreed it was not such a bad thing our peeps went to the show after all :-)



Monday, 4 November 2013

Mabel Goes Home


My little Mabel had a fun week here with us while her peeps were away in France but on Sunday it was time for her to go back home. She had plenty to tell them about her week here with us - especially her first Halloween when she dressed up in a witch's hat :-)


When they arrived Mabel was so happy to see them again, she bounced round like Tigger! And her kind peeps had brought some presents for us from Disneyland in Paris. There was a scrumptious box of Autumn chocs for Judith & Leigh:


With chocolates looking like pumpkins, toadstools and acorns and all very yummy:


But of course we doggies couldn't have any of those, however good they looked, as chocolate is poisonous for dogs...but me and Trilby got our very own Disney dinner bowls!


                                            Well we didn't take long to try those out :-)


You can see Trilby checking there is nothing left at the bottom of the bowl. The bowls had Disney dogs all round and the one on the left below looks quite a bit like a schnauzer:


 But then my peeps said that was a picture of Tramp from Lady and the Tramp and we were not impressed with that at all. Crybbe and Aoife had a good laugh at us because they think affenpinschers are royalty here. But we do love our new bowls - they are fun to look at and even more fun to eat from!


                      Thank you Mabel's peeps and hope to see you again little Mabel xx


                                                            Trilby & Mabel - my girls :-)