Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Raven and Mabel visit Harewood


My peeps often take us dogs to visit Harewood House as it is a lovely place to explore and very dog friendly. On Sunday our new boy Raven went with our guest ( my daughter) Mabel for a look round as well. Instead of going round the usual route they went for a stroll by the Terrace where they could have coffe and cake and enjoy the view:


       After a snack they wandered round the grounds and had a peek through at the view :



    Mabel got distracted as she loves water and thought she could spy a huge swimming pool !


                                      But it was an ornamental pool and not for swimming :-)


          This is the statue of Orpheus reflected in the pool with Harewood House behind :-)


                                     Raven managed the steep steps up to the terrace very well.


                                          Mabel took the opportunity to have a rest in the sun. 
This was Mabel's last day of her holiday with us and on Monday her peeps came to collect her. She was overjoyed to see them and jumped from one lap to another she was so excited :-) Mabel's family kindly brought some tasty gifts for Judith & Leigh to enjoy from Holland. There were these special syrup waffles:



And these beautiful chocolates so lovely with their decorations - almost too good to eat. Not that we dogs were getting any as these were all strictly for the peeps!



So the house is a bit quieter now with only seven of us dogs - well maybe quieter sometimes :-) We did have a fun time with the relatives coming back - so lovely to see my daughters and grandpups again. But time for a snooze now ;)



Wednesday, 20 August 2014

More Reunions


Last week we had Gracie and Wilson staying and now we have my other daughter Mabel for her holidays :-) Mabel is Trilby's sister but this holiday she has been playing more with her niece Pip. They have had great games in the garden together. 


                           And then - what a surprise - this little furry baby came back to us!

                                                    This is Raven who is Saoirse's brother. 

He went to a new home a few months ago but now he has come back to stay here after all. He is a cheeky monkey and loves cuddles with our peeps :) . We are all getting to know him again and the affens are not sure if they are pleased he is back or not just yet but I think he will win them round.


                                                   He does look like Saoirse sometimes.


                                              And has his handsome posing moments too!


But before I forget here is another photo of my daughter Mabel too. She will be coming on a Schnauzer Walk this coming weekend so that will be fun. She is very sweet girl like her sisters Gracie and Trilby and loves meeting other people and dogs :-)

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Fun With the Family


Well it has been a really fun two weeks with my daughter Gracie and grandson Wilson staying here with us. Here we are posing together on the sofa as it is Gracie and Wilson's last day of their holiday. That is me on the right next to Trilby then her younger sister Gracie and Pip and then Wilson :) 


                Here are some photos of my family taken over these past couple of weeks:


              This was at Harewood House when we went for a stroll through the gardens.


          They had a Rolls Royce event there that day with lots of very old cars on show.


The gardens were looking beautiful and there were ducks and swans with their cygnets too.



                                               There was so much to see :)


There has not only been trips out either as last week we had a visit from one of my other grandsons Finley who came with his peeps and his new big brother Fritz for a visit and to have a little bit of grooming too.


                                   This is Finley when he arrived - checking.out the hens :)


                                            And here he is after his schnauzer groom!

He was so pleased to meet Wilson again and they had great fun playing in the garden together.


                              Wilson wasn't too happy when Finley had to go home. 
                                       But there were more days out to come  :)


                      Gracie and Wilson enjoyed a visit to Conisbrough Castle with Aoife. 



                           It was a beautiful day and they had a lovely walk together. 


This is Wilson on the left with Pip in the middle and Gracie on the right - one of my daughters and two of my grandpups :) Hope to see you again soon Gracie and Wilson......