Our Family

Hallo - I am Magic and I am a pepper & salt miniature schnauzer living in Yorkshire with our family of  dogs, cats and hens. Here are some pictures so you know who's who!

This is me Magic - I was born on 22 April 2010

This is my daughter Trilby -  born on 15 March 2012

This is Pip she is Trilby's daughter - born 21 February 2014

This is my affenpinscher sister Aoife - she was born on 25 February 2011

This is Saoirse, Aoife's daughter - she was born on 1 December 2013

This is my affenpinscher brother, Crybbe - born on 11 July 2007

This is Satin - one of our cats - she was born in April 1999

This is Lace - she is Satin's litter sister

Darcey Bussell - the eldest of our 4 hens

and these 3 joined us in October 2012
(L-R) Margot Fonteyn; Natalya Makarova and Alicia Markova :-)