Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Meeting Alfie


This is a photo of the lovely Alfie who is an eleven month old affenpinscher and a very happy boy with a tail that hardly ever stops wagging BOL He wanted to meet some other affenpinschers so my peeps took three of our affenpinscher family to Fountains Abbey and they all had a great day together. Here are some photos of the day. Crybbe went along to keep an eye on Frida and Saoirse :-)


                 This is part of the Abbey ruins. It is very large and a bit spooky in places.



           This is Judith taking our little affens across the river with Alfie following fast behind!


               Alfie resting in the Boathouse cafe where the peeps had coffee and cake.


                                             Frida and Saoirse at the cafe.


                                                        Crybbe :-)


                                             A photo of all 4 affenpinschers 


                                                          Alfie meets a friend 


                                                        A nosey Jackdaw



              Can you see how blurred Alfie's tail is? That's because it keeps wagging :-)


Thursday, 24 September 2015

Yorkshire Sculpture Park


The other day when the rain had cleared and it looked like being sunny Judith and Leigh took me and Aoife on a trip to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park which is excellent to visit with lots of fields for us dogs to walk around and woods to furtle in and some HUGE sculptures!


                       This is a sculpture by Henry Moore and you can see how big it is :-)


                                       Look at me and Aoife next to these big legs BOL


                                Here we are on the woods looking at the colourful octopus.



                                         And watching a big screen with a galloping horse.


There was a special display too of poppies from an exhibition that had been at the Tower of London commemorating those who lost their lives during the First World War a century ago. Some of the poppies from that exhibition were displayed over one of the bridges at the park:



                                       As well as the sculptures we saw a beautiful butterfly - 


                                                         And some Highland cattle :-)


                         We did a lot of exploring and came back tired but it was a fun day :-)



Friday, 18 September 2015

Scent work demonstration


This is me in the car last weekend when I went with my peeps and Crybbe to a Fun Dog Show in aid of Jerry Green Rescue. We were there to show off our scent work skills - looking for cheese hidden in strange places! A really good game as you get to eat the cheese when you find it. 


 Here I am trying to get the scent of the cheese. It wasn't easy as there was quite a wind blowing and tea and cakes near by!!


     But then I found it and tried to get every last morsel before they took the box away.


                                       Hey - too quick - there is still some cheese left!!


                                                   That's the bit - thank you :-)


                                                  There was more in the basket.


                                      And this box - I have a super nose for cheese BOL


                                                            Crybbe had a turn too.


And he took part in the show as he entered the Golden Oldie class now he is 8 years old and a "veteran" but he only came third as he was the youngest by far. The winner was 15 years old!
We both got rosettes for our scent work and a bag of goodies and Crybbe had a rosette for 3rd place too.


                                                       A very enjoyable day all round.


                                                                   And home for a snooze. 


Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Family Walk and Picnic at Ferry Meadows


This is Ferry Meadows which is a big country park with a lake and lots of places for dogs and peeps to walk and explore. On Sunday I went with Pip, Crybbe, Raven and Frida on a very special walk there as we were meeting up with the dogs and families who had pups of mine and Trilby's and Aoife's. 


                                           Here I am waiting to meet them all.


                                         This chunky boy is my grandson Finley.


                                                  And this is my son Creggan.


                      Pretty Pixie who is Pip's litter sister ( my granddaughter from Trilby)


Of course there were affenpinschers there too and here is Crybbe saying hello to Darcy ( Aoife's daughter)


           And here is Raven on the left sharing a kiss with his younger sister Georgie.


                                                 Georgie is very cute :-)

It was a very hot day even though it is getting into autumn now and we all needed a lie down soon.


                                              This is me watching the others.


                                                            Frida resting too.


       This is Monty, my son Maverick's "brother" who cooled off his paws in the lake.


                                            Pixie and Lola had a paddle too.


                                          Poor Raven was really feeling the heat!

But it was a lovely get together and the peeps enjoyed it too. Plenty of treats along the way as well!



Hopefully we may be able to meet up again some time - it was great fun seeing the relatives!