Sunday, 29 May 2011

The Yorkshire Show at Harewood House

Today was the first day of the Yorkshire Show and we all had a day out at Harewood House.

 It was very windy and once it poured with rain but then it came out sunny again and we had a good time. Kaska was going to stay home as it's hard on his legs to go to big events with lots of walking but in the end he wanted to come so he got to ride in the pet stroller:

And Aoife said it was too much for her little legs so she got to ride in the pet shoulder bag!

Alfie Crybbe and me were the only dogs using their legs! Anyway we did get a chance to sit down when Judith & Leigh stopped for a snack:

There was lots to see at the show: ferret racing; gundogs; lots of stalls selling clothes and equipment and food and there were birds of prey doing flying displays:

...and men in tartan costumes playing bagpipes and banging on drums:

Judith said they were Highland pipers from Scotland and Kaska said he remembered seeing them when they used to go to Scotland for holidays before I was born. Alfie Crybbe should have known all about them as he comes from Scotland but he pretended not to know anything about it. There were even huge dogs pulling carts:

I think we should have hitched a ride in that one. Anyway we all had a great day and got to meet lots of people and of course everyone wanted to see Aoife because they think she's so cute:

I don't think they would think that if they saw what mischief she gets up to at home!

Friday, 27 May 2011

Tea at Monk Fryston Hall

Thank you to everyone who sent messages to me - I am feeling much better now. Judith had a day off work for the Queen's birthday - it was nice of the Queen to give her a day off - so we went out to have tea at a lovely old hotel in the next village to ours. The village is called Monk Fryston and the hotel has grounds you can walk round and lots of ducks and geese on the little lake and near the river. They are very welcoming to dogs there and I first went when I was a puppy.

This is one of the fountains there on the way down to the ducks.

These were the ducks near where we had tea.

This is another view of the fountain and the gardens. Leigh wanted me to pose by the fountain but I was too busy sniffing. There were so many new smells - I'm sure I smelled rabbits and squirrels! Anyway I was more interested in the tea. Judith had some beef sandwiches which was promising and eventually me and Aoife did get to sample the beef. Delicious!

This is me waiting patiently for a morsel.

Here is Aoife between the paws of one of the stone lions. We did have a good afternoon even if Aoife is looking a bit grumpy.

Here we are after our titbits looking a bit more cheerful. We might go back to Monk Fryston Hall again soon.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Visit to the Vet

Things haven't been too good here since Sunday - I got a bit sick and kept throwing up my food. I tried to run and hide when I felt sick but it just kept coming -ugh -everywhere and Leigh was washing and washing all the rugs and blankets and mats..I was still hungry but then I wasn't getting any dinner in case I was sick again. It was NOT good - food is my favourite thing really..even when I'm sick.
Anyway then I had to go to the vet and she was very friendly and kind to me at first but then she said I must have eaten something bad and she was going to have to give me a jab - or actually 2 jabs!! And I have to have tablets & powder ..and special food. Well - the special food is alright but I don't think I'm getting enough of it. The vet said 'little and often is good' but I think a bit more and often would be better. I'm not being sick now and I can play with Aoife again but I think it's about time I was getting back to my proper food now.

There is a place set for someone - I wish it was me.

Can you believe it - all the food has gone and I jumped all this way for nothing!

Monday, 23 May 2011

Visiting friends in Newcastle

We have all been away up to Newcastle where Judith & Leigh used to live and we went visiting lots of people. Leigh's Mum was having a birthday tea out at a country restaurant so we called there first and met their two whippets, Millie & Becky:

They have been re-homed with Leigh's Mum and her friend as their owners could not manage their dogs any more. Poor Millie has not been very well but she is enjoying her new life near Whitley Bay.
Then when Leigh went off with her Mum for their birthday tea, Judith took us dogs to visit other friends. We had a good afternoon at one house where there is another miniature schnauzer called Jana. She is a lovely black mini:

We played some great games together in their garden. Kaska really cheered up because he remembered Jana from when he lived in Newcastle and her owners took their dogs to the same training classes he used to go to. Aoife thought it was good fun too as there were lots of bushes to hide under and then when she was tired there were feet to rest between:

Still the smallest kid on the block!

Friday, 20 May 2011

Maisie & Zeta - Remembered with love

Well I am now registered on the Schnauzer Forum UK - becoming quite a cyber schnauzer! But when Leigh went to look at posts she ended up looking at Rainbow Bridge which was a BAD idea - she gets so upset thinking about those dogs and cats who have crossed over. It made her think about the 2 schnauzer sisters I didn't meet because they went to Rainbow Bridge before I came here. They were called Maisie & Zeta and here are some pictures:

This is Maisie - she was the very first dog Judith & Leigh had and she persuaded them that schnauzers were the best dogs anyone could have! She was a 'bit of a character' they said and could be very grumpy at times but she loved training classes and did very well at her Good Citizen tests too. She went over the Rainbow Bridge the very day I was born. Maisie was Kaska's aunt - it was her older sister who was Kaska's mother.

This is Zeta looking very suspicious - she was older than Maisie but she came to live with Judith & Leigh when she was 2 years old as she was rehomed with them. She was always very anxious about meeting new people and a bit of a barker! Leigh said she was a sweet natured schnauzer like me at heart and she loved nothing better than a warm lap to sit on and to be cuddled.

This is Zeta on the left with Kaska - they got on very well together and Kaska was very upset when Zeta passed away just before her 14th birthday.

Here is one more picture which is to make everyone smile and not be too sad. It was taken at the Northern Schnauzer Club Fun Day and is Maisie, Zeta and Kaska in their Fancy Dress as characters from the Wizard of Oz. Alfie Crybbe was Toto (so he didn't have to wear funny clothes)and Judith was Dorothy. I'm not sure they look as though they thought it was much of a Fun Day after all!!

Zeta - the Tin Dog, Kaska - the Lion, and Maisie - the Scarecrow.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Alfie gets his Silver GCD

Alfie Crybbe showing off his Silver Good Citizen Dog rosette. He had to go to Harrogate to take his test and he said it was very hard and not all the dogs got through. They had to get in and out of the car calmly and walk round busy streets and do sitting still for ages..and all sorts. I think he's trying to let me know that I won't be able to do it..but I might just surprise him!
The garden is getting very pretty now with lots of different flowers. Judith & Leigh keep getting more to put in. They bought lots at Lotherton Garden festival and I went along with them - it was Aoife's first day out but she was too little to walk in the crowds and had to be carried but lots of people stopped to stroke and talk to her. I thought they wouldn't notice me but then some people did see me and I got some attention too - it's hard when you go out with a puppy and everyone just wants to see them. When we got back I had a good run round the garden and checked the mirror - to see if I was still looking good:

Yes not bad.. I think I still look like a schnauzer even if Aoife thinks I'm a horse!

What a life with an affenpinscher pup!

Monday, 9 May 2011

Days Out

Just as I started talking about days out - it's started hailstones here - oh no! It was so sunny a moment ago. I was planning where I can go out and about with Aoife now she's had her jabs and needs to be 'socialised'. I remember last year when I was being 'socialised' - it meant meeting lots of different people and being taken to all sorts of fun places. I went to York and sat outside a cafe with Judith & Leigh while they had coffee and people came up and fussed over me. Then we went on a river boat trip - that was very exciting - we saw swans and ducks and met some people on a houseboat who had a schnauzer. He was a bit aloof being a sea-dog of sorts and I was still a little pup. And we went on long walks in the Yorkshire Sculpture Park where they have huge sculptures :

We went to some of the RSPB reserves too as they let dogs go if they are well-behaved - and there were lots of ducks and geese as well as the birds we have coming to our garden. I'm looking forward to Aoife being 'socialised' and hope I can go and be 'socialised ' with her all over again - it's great fun!

Well, the hail has stopped now and the sun is out - there is a rainbow over our garage. I might be able to go back out and have a run round before the storm starts again.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

The BARF diet

Holiday time and we have had lots of visitors and what with that and trying to keep little Aoife amused I've had no time for blogging. Me and Aoife are getting on pretty well though - she can be fun to play with even though she does forget I can feel pain when she bites me!

Anyway with all the visitors there were lots of cakes and other yummy things on offer but not enough coming our way. Thinking about food I thought Iwould tell you a bit about our food. We are on the BARF diet - not for losing weight as we are all very trim - but it stands for Biologically Appropriate Raw Food -or that's what they tell me. It's supposed to be better for dogs especially if they have any allergies etc as it's more natural than kibble and easier for dogs to digest. It all started here with Alfie Crybbe - of course. As you know schnauzers are good eaters - "if it's edible eat it" that's my motto. And if it doesn't seem to be edible give it go as it just might be. But not Alfie Crybbe - the Prince of Fussyness. When he came to live here he kept turning up his nose at every food there was. He would have one kind of kibble for a day or two and then not like it. Judith & Leigh were trying all sorts of good stuff and it was no good. Then he decided the only thing he liked was raw chicken wings - he loved them. But they weren't going to be enough for him to grow strong - then Leigh found an advert in the Dog World paper for a company that made raw meat and bone dinners mixed with vegetables & fish oil and stuff to make it really nutritious so they tried it ..and phew - Alfie decided he liked it. It was just like him to want the upmarket food. Anyway now we all eat it - even little Aoife has her Puppy Country Banquet and loves it. So I suppose we should thank Alfie for getting us some tasty food - even though I like kibble too.

Aoife making a face at the camera - so many pictures being taken of her she thinks she's being hounded by paparazzi!