Saturday, 25 April 2015

Walk among the bluebells


Yesterday the sun came out and it was a beautiful morning for a stroll in the woods so Leigh took me through to Brayton Barff to see the bluebells. They are just coming out but are very pretty to see.




                     There were some lovely little white flowers under one of the trees too.


Not many peeps or dogs out that early so I had the woods to myself really to furtle about and enjoy all the lovely smells.





As well as the flowers there were so many birds singing - it was lovely to hear them. We even saw a little Robin looking for insects on the pathway.


On the way back Leigh managed to get a photo of two swallows who arrived in our village last week. I hope they are not going to get a shock today as it has got really cold and windy again! 



I am hoping the warm Spring weather comes back soon for the swallows and for our fun walks!



Thursday, 23 April 2015

My 5th Birthday


This was the birthday card that Leigh made for me yesterday when I celebrated my fifth birthday. I had a lovely day enjoying the sun and plenty of snoozes and then all my lovely presents too.


              Here I am showing off my new pearly necklace for special occasions BOL


                                             And my lovely sparkly tag for my collar :-)


                                              And best of all the munchies and toys!!
                     The fish skin cubes were the best ever and I did share them with the others too.

At the weekend I also had a special day out for a day of scent work with Judith and that was great fun. I had a go at learning how to seek out hidden cheesy titbits in a big hall with lots of boxes and baskets and other hiding places. The best sort of game ever!!




But it was quite tiring and I was ready for a good nap after all that searching and munching!



Sunday, 12 April 2015

A River Walk


This is the River Wharfe which runs by the town of Wetherby in Yorkshire. On Saturday our peeps took me and Crybbe to meet a friend for a country walk by the river and we had a good furtle along the way :-)




                                   There were craggy cliffs along one side of the path.


                                                     And bridges to walk under.


   It is still early Spring here so not many flowers to see but we found these little yellow ones:


After the walk it was back into the town for my peeps to have lunch and we found a good restaurant which allowed us to come in and rest under the table upstairs while lunch was served :-)



                                  I got so settled I was not so pleased to get moving again BOL


But the sun came out and I got a chance to pose with the flowers in the market place: