Thursday, 28 April 2016

Yarn Bombing in Thirsk


Today bloggy friends Crybbe and Frida are going to show off the photos of their visit to Thirsk which is a small market town in Yorkshire. They went with our peeps after it had been yarn bombed in preparation for the cycling Tour de Yorkshire this coming weekend. 


If you have not heard about yarn bombing it is when a secret group of community artists go out at night and place knitted and crocheted items all around a town or village. The items are knitted by anyone who wants to take part from children to elderly peeps in care homes! The decorations were great fun and every shop had a little knitted sign which represented their trade BOL


                                                Outside the Chinese restaurant :-)


                                                        Outside an estate agent :-)


                                               All the bollards had knitted coats :-)


                                 And many had little peeps or animal scenes on top BOL




There were knitted creatures on the backs of the seats and even the bus shelter had pom-poms!


After walking round looking at all the fun items, Crybbe and Frida were lucky to find a very dog friendly cafe.


                                             Every dog that visits is offered free sausages! 


                                  Just small portions for the affens as they are very small dogs.


                         This is Frida looking very pleased after eating her sausage piece :-) 

It was a fun day and Judith and Leigh were so happy about the dog friendly cafe they said they will go again another day even when there are no knitted decorations to see and hopefully I will get some sausage next time!





Wednesday, 20 April 2016

A Visit to The Himalayan Gardens at Harewood


This is me with my great grandson Oliver who is living in London now with his new family. Before he left us, we had a special day out to the Himalayan Garden at Harewood House - it was very cold so we had to wear our fleece jackets.


This is the waterfall in the garden. Luckily there is a good bridge to cross the little river there!



                                           Me and Oliver with Judith on the bridge :-)


                                                Oliver is very cute in his fleece jacket! 


It was very pretty there even though it is still only Spring and many more flowers to come:






                                 And some more photos of my little great grandson :-)



                                                        He has a sweet smile BOL 

                                            Wishing him a very happy life in the big city!