Monday, 29 September 2014

Holiday Outings

Well it has been a while since I last posted as my peeps have been pretty low with bad coughs and colds :( They wanted to go to lots of nice places as it was Judith's holiday from work so they did try to get out anyway when the weather was good. Sometimes though they went without us doggies! So many fun places will not let us in but here are some photos from the last couple of weeks.


                          Not our dinner :-( but a rabbit in the bird garden at Harewood House.


                                                A heron looking for fish in the stream.


                             Flamingoes snoozing with a heron preening in the background.

             One day Trilby and Crybbe went along for a stroll in the grounds at Harewood too :-)


                                           Can you see them peeping through the barrier?


                                                      They had a good view from up there :)


                                                        Here is Trilby posing by the flowers.

                                                                          And Crybbe.

Judith and Leigh visited the Yorkshire Wildlife Park too where they are trying to conserve some of the endangered animals whose habitat is being destroyed or who are being killed by poachers and hunters.


                                                                       A brown lemur


            And an Amur leopard - there are very few of these beautiful animals left in the world :(


                                                                     And a Siberian tiger.

On another day they visited Chatsworth House where we might go for a trip one day. Judith and Leigh looked round the house and gardens and found some lovely dog sculptures there:




Well that is my catch up post and I will try to post more before too long! And before I go just to tell you that Raven went to his very first ever show a week ago - Driffield Championship Show and got second place in the Puppy Dog Class so he has qualified for Crufts. We are very proud of him :-)


        He would not pose for the camera looking smart so here he is looking not so spruced up :-)






Monday, 15 September 2014

A Birthday Outing


This Sunday it was Leigh's birthday and me and Raven and Crybbe all got to go out for the day with her and Judith to visit Burton Agnes garden. We have been there before but it is always fun to visit and very dog friendly. 


We went to the courtyard cafe for the peeps to enjoy coffee and cake before the woodland walk and saw a sad sight. Some peeps had decided to tie their poor old dog up outside while they sat inside to eat instead of staying together like all the other dog families in the lovely courtyard area.


The poor dog cried and cried. A kind lady spent some time trying to comfort him but his owners just said he always cries when we shut him out at home too! No-one was very happy with his peeps at all.


There are lots of little gardens at Burton Agnes with vegetables, fruit and flowers of all different colours, a sensory garden and giant games gardens too.



Then there is the woodland walk with carved wooden statues and decorations everywhere.




After a good walk round it was time for another rest and another visit to the cafe :-) and then back home for Leigh to enjoy her birthday cake and a cup of tea.


These are some of her presents and the cake - with schnauzers and affenpinschers around it :-)
It was a very good day and we all enjoyed it.


Friday, 5 September 2014

Darcy comes for a holiday


    This is Darcy - she is the sister of Saoirse and Raven - and she is here for a holiday. 


She is very sweet and playful but Saoirse and Aoife are playing it cool for a bit. She will soon win them round though as she just wants to have fun :)


                                        She loves being out in the garden with us all.


Leigh wants to try and get a photo of all the affen family together again but I don't think it will be easy. Look at this great photo of us schnauzers though which was taken by Annemarie King the Phodographer:


               That is me on the left with Pip in the middle and Trilby being embarrassing.
She had always been the same with group photos - this was her with her brothers at a few weeks old:


                                                   No guessing which one is Trilby BOL!