Wednesday, 20 May 2015

My new grandpups


Yes bloggy friends I am a grandma again :-) My daughter Trilby gave birth to five beautiful puppies three weeks ago and they are growing fast! They have moved from the quiet room where they were born to the kitchen now so they can get used to all the sounds and smells and sights of the home and we have all had a chance to touch noses.


            But Trilby is still feeding them and we are not allowed to play with them just yet. 


                                         Here are some photos of them taken today :-)


                                                                    A little boy


                                                             One of his brothers


                                                                  The other brother


                                                                One of the girls


                                                                      And her sister

By next week they should be big enough to come out and explore the house a bit more - then the fun will begin BOL.


Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Tour de Yorkshire


Last year the Tour de France cycle race started here in our home county of Yorkshire and all the peeps thought it was great fun and there were lots of celebrations all round the towns and villages. Anyway the peeps decided it would be even more fun to have a race every year just in Yorkshire!! So this year was the first Tour de Yorkshire and even better for us Stage 2 of the race set off from Selby which is a market town not far from the village where we live. So Judith and me went to watch the cyclists set off and enjoy the decorations round the town.




There were yellow and blue cycles everywhere decorating shop windows and even the Abbey!




                           The three swans are the symbol of Selby from many centuries ago.



                                    And the blue flag with the white rose is the Yorkshire flag 

I was there at the start to watch the cyclists setting off and there were crowds and press everywhere.





                                                             This was team Wiggins 
                      Barry Wiggins is a famous UK cyclist - second on the right of the Wiggins team. 


The only trouble with the bikes is they go so fast - one minute there were hundreds and then - 


                                                                    They were gone !


                                                        But there is always next year  BOL