Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Santa Paws Came

Yes - we all got presents yesterday! This is me and Trilby trying to open the same present - our tails were wagging so fast it blurred the picture :-) We had plenty of turkey scraps - which were tasty and a special turkey meal just for us in the afternoon and then there were our special presents.

I'm watching Trilby trying on her new burgundy fleece for when the weather turns colder.

By the way she's got her ears back I don't think this was her favourite present :-(

I got a brand new hand-made collar and lead with an Inca design.

and Aoife got a new handmade collar and lead with a skull & crossbones - someone knows what a little mischief she is :-)

Here she's getting Satin's opinion on her new set.

And there were toys. Crybbe had a toy sheep:

You can see he wasn't going to let any of us have a play with it...

...even when he had a nap.

And then there was Leigh's special present all the way from Malaysia. Judith had sent for a special mini-me - yes a mini crochet Magic from our bloggy and Facebook friend Diana who makes the most amazing crochet dogs for peeps. If you are on Facebook you can check out her Facebook page. Here I am with my very own mini-me :-)

It is really Leigh's present though so I can't play with it in case I accidentally damage it :-(

Hope you all had a great Christmas Day!

Monday, 24 December 2012

Happy Christmas to all our Friends!

We would like to wish all our bloggy friends and followers a very happy Christmas and fun in the holiday season!

Here in Yorkshire at the moment the weather is very WET and dark but just to keep us in the Christmas mood here are some photos Leigh took on her visit to the Castle Howard garden centre which look a bit more festive in the frost :-)

That day everything was frosted from the roses to the Christmas trees:

the plants for sale:

to the bird feeders:

But the robin had the best idea. Why wait for peeps to put the seeds out when you can go in and get them yourself?

Yes the sunflower seeds look good!

The robin was quite happy taking shelter indoors where the food was kept :-)

And talking of food - Judith has made a special decoration for the Christmas cake this year:

Guess who's on the cake!

Trilby, Aoife, Magic and Crybbe!

Monday, 17 December 2012

Abbey Lea Christmas Party

On Sunday it was the Christmas Party at Abbey Lea Care Home where Judith's Dad lives and I went along with Judith and Leigh to bring some schnauzer cheer to the proceedings :-) Of course as usual I was the first ready and waiting to go!

Come on quick - we don't want to miss the foodables!

It was very festive inside with decorations on the stairs and round the pictures.

There were lots of wheelie frames to help the older peeps get around and I had to be careful not to get run over! You can see I am doing a good job of ignoring the Santa hat - no way am I wearing any more than my favourite Christmas bandana.

I listened quietly to all the conversations.

Put up with a lot of head patting :-(

and tried to remind Judith that there were tasty smells coming from the dining room and we didn't want to miss out!

Finally a look at the festive spread.

Sadly they said food for peeps only - can you believe it? But I was given some little meaty leftovers for being so patient. I got to meet a lot of peeps at Abbey Lea - some of them had met my Trilby in the summer and could not believe I was her mother I look so trim :-)

We stayed a bit longer chatting with Judith's Dad and then it was time to go home but all in all quite a jolly party - there was even a lady singing carols and dance songs but I was just too tired for dancing!

Thursday, 13 December 2012

The Peeps' Day Out

As you can see from this picture it has been pretty chilly here in Yorkshire these past few days and the best place to be is in a snug warm house but Leigh & Judith wanted to go out for a pre-Christmas trip to Castle Howard. We've been before and will probably go again but yesterday the peeps went without us - leaving us in the warm to guard the home :-)

Anyway here are some of the photos Leigh took on their expedition:

As well as many lighted trees outside the great house there were several inside too. This was the largest in the main hall and the tree was e-normous reaching right up to the second floor and covered with so many baubles!

There were blazing fires in all the main rooms and decorations with lit candles everywhere:

Even the statues had decorations!

There were twig and branch trees decorating some of the rooms:

Can you see the baby hedgehog under this one?

There were musicians playing festive music in the gallery:

And another Christmas tree:

with even more pretty baubles:

and they even remembered to put out carrots for Rudolph and mince pies and brandy for Santa Paws :-)

Monday, 10 December 2012

Christmas is Coming

Yesterday we started to get the house ready for Christmas and our Christmas owl came out again :-)

Leigh's brother and nephew had been visiting and Trilby thought she'd sniff out Euan's rucksack in case he had treats hidden there. He didn't :-(

Aoife knew the best place to look for treats is under the Christmas tree but nothing there either yet.

Then the dreaded Christmas hats - Crybbe tried to keep his foot on this one but still had to have one photo with it on his head!

and Trilby got caught while she was taking a power nap:

 Here's a little close up of the tree - it looks better when it's lit at night but there are lots of toys and baubles on it and maybe nearer Christmas some tasty treats :-)

After a long evening working on Christmassy decorations I was getting pretty tired so Trilby gave me a wash:

and then we both fell asleep:

But before I go I would like to say a huge thank you to sweet Cotton  of Cotton's Candy for giving us this award. Thank you Cotton from us all here in the Doghouse :-) It is greatly appreciated!