Friday, 25 May 2012

Hot Summer Days

Hello - Magic here - just taking some time out from bonding with my boy to show you some photos of my pups enjoying the sun:

Trilby snoozing with her teddy bear on the sunny mat

and joining Merlin in the sunniest spot by the door.

And here are the two of them hiding from Crybbe who can get a bit grumpy with the babies!

He's sitting by the pond and pretending he can't see them :-)

We all hope these sunny days will last as there are plans afoot for outings soon!

Monday, 21 May 2012

A Busy Weekend

What a busy weekend! Judith had taken Caoimhe and Aoife up to Scottish Kennel Club Championship show in Edinburgh and so I stayed here to look after Trilby and Merlin. They are always getting up to mischief and Leigh just can't watch them all the time. They look quite sweet here but they can be wicked!

Anyway while the others were away some peeps came to meet me and Merlin. They live up in Northumberland and they would like my little Merlin to go and live with them when he's had all his vaccinations and things. They stayed and talked to Leigh and held Merlin and they all seemed to get on very well. It is hard because I love my little pups but I know they will have such fun with their new peeps and they probably don't want to be living with their Mum for the rest of their lives.

Of course my little Trilby will stay and she is already sweet talking Leigh into believing she is the cutest schnauzer there ever was looking at her with those cute expressions. You can see Merlin is not impressed:

They were pleased to see Caoimhe and Aoife back yesterday though and we had a bit of schnauzer bonding in the pink bed:

And if you were wondering how my sisters did at the show it's probably best not to ask :-( Aoife decided she did not trust the judge and gave her an evil sideways glance when she tried to check her out so the judge didn't give her anything. Caoimhe did her best but it wasn't her day. She got Reserve which is 4th and here she is with her rosette and card:

Well I'll try and get Leigh to put up my posts more often. The pups are taking up a lot of time just now so she can't get to use the computer so much :-(

Monday, 14 May 2012

Trilby & Merlin

I thought I would start today's post with a fun photo as it has been a little bit sad this weekend for me. Two of my pups have gone to their new homes - which is good really as they will have such a lovely life with their new families but I do miss them. As you can see from this photo the two who are left are not missing them as much as me! This is Trilby and Merlin having a good game of bitey face in the garden.

Trilby is my little girl (her kennel name is Darksprite Rosa Bud) and she was chosen to stay in our family by Judith & Leigh. Here she is smelling the rosemary. Her name is after the title character in a novel by George DuMaurier but everyone keeps saying she is named after a hat!

This is Merlin (Darksprite Solomon Daisy) he is one of my boys and the people who were going to take him decided not to so for the moment he is staying here too. If we can find a good home for him when he has finished his vaccinations he will go too ..and if not he will stay and maybe go showing with his sister :-) His pet name is Merlin because he is a child of Magic and so he is named after the wizard in the King Arthur tales. All the pups have kennel names from characters in novels by Charles Dickens as 2012 is the 200th anniversary of his birth. I have some very literary puppies BOL!

This is Caoimhe checking that Trilby is not getting up to mischief...

...and Aoife babysitting Merlin

and one last photo of my little boy who went to his furever home yesterday - Darksprite Barnaby Rudge (Smudge)

Have fun little Smudge - we're thinking of you!

Saturday, 12 May 2012

A Birthday and a Farewell

Yesterday was my sister Caoimhe's 1st birthday and she thought we might have forgotten with all the fussing over the puppies but of course we hadn't :-) She saw the picture on her card and thought that a clue to something special?

We each had a tasty chicken and crunchy biscuit cupcake and some antlers to chew on for afters:

This is me enjoying a good gnaw - my pups like them too.
But the news today is that one of my boys has gone to his new home. This is Darksprite Alfred Jingle whose special name is Otto:

Here he is this morning before he left:

What's this big bag? I hope I'm not going in there..

No, Otto that's your Welcome Pack to take with you.

There's a tin full of puppy food, one of your puppy toys, a photo album of your puppy pictures, some poop scoop bags and a bone-shaped holder and a book of training tips and tricks as well as lots of information and paperwork about you Otto :-)

We will miss you very much but we know that you will have great times in your new furever family with your new brother and sister:


..and Molly

Have fun little one!

Monday, 7 May 2012

MyDog UK Review

Just for a change from the puppy posts Leigh is helping me do a review this time to let my UK bloggy friends know about a new app for peeps who have 'smart' phones. It is called mydog UK and it is FREE! The UK Kennel Club have been involved in creating it and it has lots of helpful advice and information such as:

Dog friendly places to eat out

Dog friendly attractions

There are lists of locations of parks, beaches, hotels and other places where us dogs are welcome all with the distance from where you live or where you're staying.

It has a section for your peeps to put all the important information about us dogs and you can have your picture there as well :-)

There are sections about dog care and dog training and first aid tips for peeps to know what to do if one of us K9s is injured.

And it lists useful contacts such as dog walkers, breeders, vets etc near where you live and..guess what - Leigh found us already listed - Darksprite 0 miles away !!

AND a special feature on mydog UK is a Petlog service which is in case any of us dogs get lost and our peeps are searching for us. If you are microchipped and registered with Petlog you can use the special Lost Pet Alert. If your peeps carry their mobile with them on walks they can let Petlog know straight away and they will send out an alert to all registered places like vets and dog rescues etc within 30 miles of where your dog went missing to give them all your details.

It's a fun app to use and there's lots more on it so if you are in the UK and your peeps have one of these 'smart' phones tell them to check out this free app - even if they just want it to put all your details and photos on :-)They can record all things like any medication you have to have; when you need (bleugh) worming and vaccinations; any allergies you have - microchip number/tattoo etc.

Well I'll be back later in the week to let you know how things are going with finding new homes for my pups - or some of them anyway..see you soon!

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Puppies Exploring

Now my pups are getting bigger they are being allowed time to explore some parts of the house. Mostly the conservatory and kitchen which have tiled floors as they haven't learned about where to go the toilet yet! Here I'm taking them to meet their Aunty Caoimhe.

My little girl is a bit of a tease and Caoimhe wasn't sure whether to play or not.

Beard tugging is always a good game :-)

But it's not all fun and games being a mother - here I'm showing Caoimhe how mothers have to check their babies are clean.

One of my boys examing the houseplant. Leigh has moved these now as they can be dangerous if puppies eat the leaves.

This boy is getting ready for a game - his little tail was wagging fast!

And here's little Smudge - although he's growing too:

And one last puppy pic:

My other little boy :-)