Monday, 29 July 2013

Schnauzer Walk at Ferry Meadows

This is a photo of me on the Schnauzer Walk we took part in yesterday. My peeps are members of a Schnauzer Forum on the internet where they can chat with other peeps with schnauzers :-) Every so often they organise a walk for anyone who wants to come with their schnauzers and honorary schnauzers and on Sunday there was a walk near Peterborough at a place called Ferry Meadows. Quite a few peeps and dogs turned up:

Here you can see some of the walkers with their dogs - I am the one on the end at the left. The two peeps at the back with their mini schnauzers were just walking in the park when we all turned up - they couldn't believe so many schnauzers in one place!

It was very pretty there with lakes all round and lots of ducks and geese and swans.

But even more exciting - we got to meet my little boy Creggan. He moved down to Hertfordshire so we haven't seen him since he left at the beginning of June. He has certainly grown but just as sweet:

Of course Crybbe and Aoife were there too and you know they thought this was all organised for them and that they were letting all the schnauzers come along with them. Here they are striding out in front:

It was a very hot day and as soon as we stopped for a bit I flopped in the grass:

Here are just some of other schnauzers too:

Reuben having a drink

Monty in his smart red harness

Casper and Bertie

Lola who had taken a quick dip in the lake to cool off

And Trilby's old flame Rodders who I think had his eye on another girl yesterday!

After the walk we stopped at the cafe for a drink and our peeps had snacks - and we got dried sprats - yum yum. They were very tasty :-) And just so they don't feel left out here are Aoife & Crybbe too:

But I have to finish with some more pictures of my Creggan - Leigh took more photos of him than of us!!

Hitching a ride as the walk was too long for a young puppy.

Sharing a seat at the cafe - we were all under the table !!

What you get away with if you are a cute puppy - but we didn't really mind as it was cooler there. It was a lovely day with new friends.

Friday, 19 July 2013

The NSC Fun Day

Last time I posted was just after the Northern Schnauzer Club Fun Day but so much had happened there was just no room for those pictures too. So here's some of the photos Leigh took last Sunday. She was working on the shop stall for much of the time so I rested in the shade with Trilby and watched what was going on. Here is the stall with schnauzer goodies - for peeps. No treats for us dogs which wasn't good - but we did get some snacks from the peeps anyway so I shouldn't complain.

Here is Trilby checking out the other dogs:

Sadly her friend Rodders wasn't there as he lives too far away to come but she did think Louis looked smart in his cool-coat to keep him looking good even on the hottest of days:

There were schnauzers of all different sizes and colours with their peeps:


White minis

 and my boy Maverick

Well after the socialising and lunch there were the fun competitions. Maverick entered them all nearly for practice as he's training to be a show dog and his peeps (and ours) were very proud when he got a first prize with his Mum in the Best 6 legs competition :-)

Here he is checking they've got his name right for the announcement :-)

And what do you think these two are looking out for? The Prettiest Bitch category I think :-)

And can you see who this is? It's me - competing for the Prettiest Bitch with Maverick's Dad handling!

Well there was plenty of competition but we got Very Highly Commended and here are the other winners lining up with me and Maverick's Dad for a photo afterwards :-)

And here I am back home with my lovely purple rosette!
We all had a lovely day and were happy to have met some many lovely dogs and their peeps.

Monday, 15 July 2013

Mabel & Maverick

This is Mabel one of my girls who left for her new home a few weeks ago. Well this weekend she came back to visit and - guess what -  Judith had her grooming tools out again :-( But the hot weather is getting hotter so she must have felt better for losing some of that fur. Here she is in the garden afterwards:

Just checking it's really you Mabel :-)

Well we all got to know each other again:

And had some good games together. Mabel soon remembered the garden and posed for a photo under the lavatera:

Looking so grown up now :-)

But it was a weekend for meeting my pups because yesterday me and Trilby went along to the Northern Schnauzer Club Fun Day and who was there but Maverick! He was with his new peeps and he was looking so smart!

He started smooching up to me to say hello but actually I was feeling a bit tired with the heat and I was beginning to think my pups might have ideas of coming back home with me!

So I played it cool and pretended I didn't remember my sweet boy after all :

But of course I do love all my pups really and so proud to see them looking good:

There was plenty happening at the Northern Schnauzer Club Fun Day but I'll tell you all about it in another post.  Just a couple more photos of Mabel & Maverick to finish :-)

Friday, 12 July 2013

An Exciting Day!

Yesterday was my brother Crybbe's 6th birthday and he certainly had an exciting day! Our peeps decided to take us out early for a stroll through the woods and a good furtle in the undergrowth.

Leigh wanted to take a nice photo of Crybbe in the woods but he didn't want to pose and when she tried he put on his grumpiest scariest look like a wild forest monster :-)

Anyway on the way back home in the car we saw a balloon in the sky near our home:

Crybbe was soon up at the window to watch it :

 then it started to come down :-( 
so we drove on to see where it landed but...the road was blocked:

The balloon pilot must have missed his landing place.

Nobody was hurt except maybe the balloon but we couldn't go any further on the road and had to go back the way we came.

After all that excitement we were ready for a snooze but not much time for that as there were visitors coming. It was a friend of Leigh's from when she was at school many dog centuries ago. She came with her husband and all the peeps had a lovely tasty lunch in the sun on the patio - after us meeting and greeting them of course  :-)  And then...when the visitors had left, Crybbe was allowed to have a peep at his hamper:

and there were lots of doggy goodies there:

cherry barkwells and chicken biscuits

a selection of doggy sweets (NOT real chocolate of course!)

special chicken brew and a paw shaped doggy lolly

Well Crybbe wasn't long tucking into some of that HUGE dog biscuit:

And me, Aoife and Trilby begged for a share it looked so yummy. I could hardly wait:

and then I took my portion into the garden quick so no-one could try and steal it:

Crybbe finished off with a drink of his special brew:

And he even left us some to try too :-)

Thank you Crybbe for sharing your birthday goodies with us!

Crybbe's birthday smile - a bit scary BOL