Tuesday, 18 March 2014

A Birthday Walk


On Monday it was the first birthday of my pups Maverick, Creggan, Mabel and Gracie and a special birthday walk was organised on Sunday at Newmillerdam Country Park. A yummy bone shaped cake was made for us doggies and a chocolate cake for the peeps:


Mabel's peeps were not able to come as there was another birthday party happening the same day for one of the little peeps at Mabel's house but she was collected by Judith so she could enjoy the day :-) Creggan had travelled all the way from Hertfordshire and Maverick and Gracie were there too as well as lots and lots of other schnauzers and their families who wanted to join us. Saoirse was allowed to travel to meet everyone but she had to spend most of her time in the pet carrier as she is too little to do much walking. Here are some photos of the day taken by Creggan's Mum:


This one has my boy Maverick in the front in the middle with his peeps and his brother Monty and sister Maisie. 


This is me with Maverick's Dad trying to get a titbit before all the others :-)


                                               And this is my pretty daughter Mabel :-)


                             And a photo of Creggan on the left with  his brother Rodders

And this photo taken by Gracie's peeps of her blowing out the candle on a birthday cake - but I don't think she actually got any of this one as it was not for dogs - I think she got plenty of other treats though. We all had a very good time and it was lovely to see my pups again all grown up and when I got home I got a present even though it wasn't my birthday from my little Creggan's Mum who remembered me being so happy to see her when she came to visit :-)


                                                            What could she mean?

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

The Big Move


My grand-pups are now nearly 3 weeks old and my peeps have decided to move them into the pen in the kitchen so we can all keep an eye on them. They were very interested in their new surroundings.



Trilby is happy because she can be with the family and not worry she is leaving her pups alone. She can still go in to feed them and clean them but they will soon be able to try some meat instead of just milk and then she might let the peeps do the cleaning up and feeding instead :-)




                 Aoife is so interested in seeng them but will have to wait to get up close.




                                                                More puppy pics soon :-)


Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Hello World!


Yesterday my grand-daughters opened their eyes for the first time since being born! They can 't see very well yet but they will soon be seeing us dogs and peeps and the house where they were born :-)


Actually their favourite thing after eating (or really drinking (milk)) is sleeping and that's mostly what they do all day as they need all their energy for growing. Their bodies are developing and their brains are getting more and more connections. They lie side by side or all in a heap and just twitch away and sometimes squeak in their sleep.


           So we are all waiting now for the little boys to open their eyes and say hello.


                                                             Hope it is not long :-)

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Saoirse and Me



This is my little affenpinscher sister Saoirse enjoying some sunshine in the garden the other day. She really looks like her mother Aoife did when she first came here to live:



Anyway I had some fun times with Aoife and I think Saoirse and me are going to be best buddies too :) We like most of the same things like exploring and sniffing:




                                              Aoife  is always close by to see that she is OK.


                                                           We also both love eating:


                                                                 And we especially love snoozing!




It's always good to have a snuggle buddy in the winter when it's cold and wet and Saoirse is a very cute little snuggler :-)


Now she is old enough Saoirse will be able to go out more so I will soon be able to post about our expeditions together too :-)