Sunday, 27 December 2015

Christmas 2015


We had a fun Christmas this year with plenty of treats and a lovely walk at Lotherton Hall gardens today. Here are some of the pictures from the past week :-)


                                              The schnauzer tree ornament 


                   Me waiting patiently for a treat BOL - my tail could not keep still though!


                                                   Pip in her Christmas jumper. 


                               Crybbe hoping to get a taste from the cheese board. 

              We had plenty of tasty treats so it was a good idea to have a brisk walk today. 


           This is Trilby and Aoife at Lotherton Hall Gardens keeping an eye on the deer.



               And me and Trilby checking out the little fish in the pond in the walled garden.



                                     They were quite tiny but there were a lot of them :-) 


          These little stones mark the graves of the dogs who used to live at the Hall years ago. 


                            Some of the dogs had come from Russia and some from Japan! 



         We had a good explore of the gardens and a good snooze when we came home! 

And if you were wondering why Pip did not come with us - well she is resting at home as she is pregnant and planning on making me a great grandmother in the New Year!!! 



Monday, 14 December 2015

Christmas Trip to York


Yesterday although it was very cold and damp here, I went with Judith and Leigh for a little trip out to York to see the ice sculptures and Christmas lights. There were lots of stalls too selling food and gifts for the peeps to buy.


       And there was a man making small ice sculptures to put up in the streets as well.


                                                Here are some of the sculptures:


                                              An ice teapot outside Betty's Tea Rooms


Some ice stocks near the York Dungeon ( it is not a real dungeon just a scary place to visit BOL) 


                                            This is me by the ice well for the charity Water Aid.


                                                      And checking out the ice alien spacecraft


                                                    An ice train for the National railway museum.


                                             And a HUGE ice diamond ring outside a jeweller's shop.

Then it was time for my peeps to and me to have a rest in the warm. We settled down for lunch at Filmore & Union which is one of the very few restaurants in Yorkshire that welcomes us dogs.



                                 There was a few other dogs in the restaurant too including this cheeky girl:


                      It was a good day out but tiring - just time for schnauzer kisses before we go home :-)