Sunday, 27 July 2014

Family Reunion


Guess who has come to stay with us? Yes - it's my daughter Gracie and grandson Wilson :-) Here they are in the garden with Trilby in the middle. Their peeps are on holiday abroad and so Gracie and Wilson have come back for a holiday here :-)


And this is Wilson after his groom - the cute little teddy bear look was too hot for this scorching summer - now he looks so grown up :-)


And here is my sweet daughter Gracie after her cool clip. She has borrowed my rainbow collar while she is here with a tag for my peeps contact details. 


Little Wilson trying to shelter from the sun on the patio. Time to get the paddling pool out!


Not that I was going to get my paws wet. Only Trilby was tempted by some kibble in the water to get in :-) And Crybbe.....!


Well we are a lovely big family just now although little Pip was not too sure what had happened when they first came in and just sat and watched them - she is having bitey face games with Wilson now though :-)


        Not sure that Saoirse is too happy that the affenpinschers are outnumbered now BOL


Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Schnauzer Fun Day


Well it probably doesn't look much like fun in this photo BOL but we went to the Northern Schnauzer Club Fun Day on Sunday as Judith & Leigh were running the Club shop there but as the weather looked like rain the stalls were kept safe indoors and we dogs had to be there too some of the time.


           These are some of the schnauzery things that were on the shop stall. 


Anyway it turned out really hot and sunny after all and most of the peeps and their dogs went outside to enjoy the games.


There were all sizes and colours of schnauzers there - pepper & salt minis and......





All the dogs were getting to know each other while their peeps chatted and we got the chance to meet and greet too .:-) and a good space to rest or watch what was going on in the hall.


                                                         Pip, Saoirse and Crybbe


                                       Me hoping it is my turn to explore the food table 

Actually it did get so hot the best place was indoors with plenty of treats to keep us going and we did get to enjoy the garden when we got home:



                                                      So it was a fun day really :-)

Monday, 7 July 2014

Le Grand Depart


This year the Tour de France came to Yorkshire and there were lots of fun things to see around the region when the cyclists came to our county. Here are some photos taken by our roving reporter Minhaj who saw the teams as they set off from Leeds on Saturday.


                                                        Getting ready for the start 


                                                 Spare cycles in case of accidents :-)



                                             The Haribo sweet van and traffic police


                                                            The Bic pen scooter :-)

The winner of the whole race gets to wear the yellow jersey - and so did some of the statues in Leeds:


                                            And there were yellow bicycles everywhere!


                                                                   In shop windows


                                                                        Tied to railings


                                                                   On hotel balconies


                                                             And outside restaurants

Sadly there were so many thousands of people in Leeds that morning that me and Saoirse were too small to see the cyclists but we enjoyed walking round ( and getting carried) and seeing the sights.


     The telephone boxes were painted with the routes through Yorkshire in the colour of the jerseys.


                                   We met a policeman dressed as a yellow padlock!! 


                                      And I posed for a lady who wanted my photograph :-)

                                         It was a very exciting day and very yellow BOL


Good luck to all the cyclists taking part in the Tour de France and stay safe on the roads!

Special thank you to Minhaj our roving reporter who got the best photos of the cyclists for us :-)