Friday, 18 September 2015

Scent work demonstration


This is me in the car last weekend when I went with my peeps and Crybbe to a Fun Dog Show in aid of Jerry Green Rescue. We were there to show off our scent work skills - looking for cheese hidden in strange places! A really good game as you get to eat the cheese when you find it. 


 Here I am trying to get the scent of the cheese. It wasn't easy as there was quite a wind blowing and tea and cakes near by!!


     But then I found it and tried to get every last morsel before they took the box away.


                                       Hey - too quick - there is still some cheese left!!


                                                   That's the bit - thank you :-)


                                                  There was more in the basket.


                                      And this box - I have a super nose for cheese BOL


                                                            Crybbe had a turn too.


And he took part in the show as he entered the Golden Oldie class now he is 8 years old and a "veteran" but he only came third as he was the youngest by far. The winner was 15 years old!
We both got rosettes for our scent work and a bag of goodies and Crybbe had a rosette for 3rd place too.


                                                       A very enjoyable day all round.


                                                                   And home for a snooze. 


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