Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Hello World


Well it has been all puppy talk here for the last week as Aoife's little pups have been growing and growing. They sleep and feed and sleep and feed...and then at the weekend they opened their eyes!


Now they are beginning to see the world, they are starting to explore their box as well.


But they need all their energy to keep growing really so sleeping is their favourite thing after feeding.



                                      And you can see that Aoife is feeding them well BOL


Next week the pups will move from their quiet room and whelping box into the puppy pen in the kitchen and then we will all get to see them in the fur. Only sniffs under the door and hearing their squeaks for us dogs for now but the fun will start next week for sure :-)



  1. Hello world indeed, look at how adorable these puppies are, those beautiful eyes and black furs and oh that photo of the puppy belly is gorgeous, My Mum wants to kiss it, she goes Squee over puppies so much! I am excited to hear what all you doggies think of them when they move rooms, but until them I'm sure that they will enjoy just sleeping and eating! That is the life! Love and licks from your furiend Frank xxxxxx

  2. Awwww beautiful puppies.
    I'm sure you are all hoping for a sneaky peek before you officially meet them next week :)

  3. That is a well-rounded tummy. There's just something about puppy tummies that melt peeps. They are so cute.