Saturday, 30 July 2011

Selby Canal Walk

The other day when it was really sunny and warm (well warm for England - about 25C) me and Alfie went on a canal walk from Selby through to Brayton (another village nearby) and on a bit further. Here are some of the views on our walk:

This is a sculpture at the start of our walk with pictures from the history of Selby canal and here we are setting off along the path:

When we set out we hardly met anyone and the path was clear ahead:

Time for a bit of furtling:

But then we found some more sculptures and Alfie Crybbe wanted to show off his jumping skills:

One of the sculptures had writing on it:

We understood about strolling and exercise but we didn't see any fishes and we didn't reach a pub! But we did see some sheep on the other bank:

And some geese:

Then we went under a bridge where the path was very narrow and we had to go single file so as not to fall in:

By this time it was getting very hot and we thought it was time for a rest and just then - there was a lovely wooden bench!

with a little plaque dedicated to another human stroller and his dog:

We had to move on after this as Judith & Leigh were getting a bit tearful! As we walked by the hedges you could see through the gaps across the fields. Here is a picture through the hedge with Brayton church steeple in the distance:

And we saw lots of birds and butterflies too. Here is a lovely peacock butterfly:

Then it was time to turn back as we were all getting very hot and no pub in sight for refreshments! But we did see some boats heading off down the canal on our way back:

And here we are almost back at the start. It was a good walk but next time I think we need to plan a route with some refreshments!


  1. What a beautiful walk you had!

  2. Thank you for sharing your lovely walking experience with us and the bench thing made our Mommi Tooki a lil' tearful too....
    Fr *Coco* & *Wawa*

  3. What a great walk.......nice to enjoy a beautiful day. It was lovely out this morning so I really enjoyed the grass at obedience skool! It was graduation day and I DIDN'T graduate out of grade 2 - I think the teacher wants me to stay in his class!

    Tail Wuggles, Rubie.