Friday, 1 July 2011

My new sister Caoimhe

Oh no - another schnauzer has joined our family! My Mum & Dad had another litter of pups seven weeks ago and now one of my new sisters has come to live here. She is called Caoimhe (which is pronounced Kee-va) and she is trying to sort out who's who here at the moment:

Here is Aoife checking her out and then she went outside on the patio:

..and thought she could get back in through the window!

But she's settling in sorting out her toys - although I think Aoife is being kind and letting her share hers:

Caoimhe woke us all up at midnight but then went back to sleep but she decided 5.30 am was a lie-in so we all got up at 4.45 am this morning. I think Judith & Leigh are wishing it was me setting the rising time now! But she looks so sweet you can't be cross with her:


  1. OMD, OMD, OMD!!!! We didn't know a new pupster was due on the block, how exciting is this! Caoimhe is a very unusual name, we're sure to spell it wrong at some point, but what a lovely sounding word. So pleased she had a good first night, the last photo is sooo sweet, we love pupsters, big welcome to Caoimhe! Hiya Magic and the gang, we love you all too :-) Dex & Lou xxx

  2. It was all a bit uncertain until the last minute so it has been a bit of a surprise here too - but a lovely one. Thanks for the welome message :-) xxx

  3. HOW WONDERFUL!!! A LOVELY new sister!!!!!!!! My mum and I are jealous - we would love another mini schnauz but my dad put his hoof down! Caoimhe looks so beautiful, and she looks like she is settling in too. We look forward to her adventures as she grows!

    How exciting! Excited Tail Wuggles, Rubie.

  4. She is so cute! And the name is so fascinating, I think I better not spell it. I pronounced Aoife very wrongly too until I went to see earlier posts hee!

  5. Hi Magic! Thank you for visiting my blog. You live in a beautiful place.
    Your new siste is so adorable! Of course you too!