Friday, 16 December 2011

Christmas Tree and Presents

Magic here again - Caoimhe said we had not been blogging for ages and ought to put up some more pictures of our Christmas preparations so she woke me up for that! Anyway - here is our tree now it's all decorated:

 and it has an owl on the top because the fairy has seen better days - at least that what Judith & Leigh said:

Alfie Crybbe is not impressed because he told us that owl has it in for him and jumped on him when he was trying to snooze and he had to go and hide in the crate while Leigh tied it on the tree a bit tighter. We have more decorations round the fireplace as well:

and then the best bit is the presents which are going under the tree- we keep checking them to see if they might be for us:

Sadly none of them are - yet. Can you see the lovely labels which Louis and Dexter's Mum made for her little online store?

Caoimhe is sure she can smell sea jerky but Leigh says no dog presents are coming out until Christmas Day - that's a whole week away. Does she not realise how long that is in dog-time? We have visitors again this weekend so probably no time for blogging again but I'll try and get Leigh to help me post again before Christmas. Thank you to all the bloggy friends who have sent cards and Christmas emails. We have been enjoying it very much :-)


  1. Your house looks lovely!!

    -Bart and Ruby

  2. I like your tree - that owl on top is very cool! Enjoy!

  3. Oh girls that week will go in no time!! Just ask the peeps how quick time flies in December! Mum and loved your schnauzers at the base of your fireplace and thinks they are handy for Santy Paws hats this time of year too!

    Tail Wuggles, hoping for gifts to arrive, Rubie xxx

  4. Hi Magic and Caoimhe!
    Wow you have a Christmas tree!
    If I were you, I might open the boxes...
    Santa is coming soon.

  5. Oh Magic, you look absolutely adorable in that first pic (cuddle, cuddle) and your peeps' Christmas decorations are just wonderful! That's a huge tree, mine is about er... 18 inches tall. Perhaps it will surface in my next post....tata!

  6. You do look like a cutie pie all curled up in that pic Magic! Your house is pawsome! All ready for Santa Paws! I have no idea why the peeps won't put our packages on the floor. Sheesh, like we would peek! Heck yes!

    woos, Tessa

  7. A whole week!!! Doesn't she know how fine tuned your sense of smell is? That must be torture.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  8. Wow! You guys must be well behaved pups to have a Christmas tree on the floor! Mom just has a small one this year and it's up high so we can't get to it!

    yuki and rocket