Sunday, 10 March 2013

Scotties at Crufts

Today (by special request :-)) a post devoted to the gorgeous Scottish Terrier dog at Crufts!

Sadly, the Scottish Terrier has only won Best in Show at Crufts once -  a dog called Heather Necessity in 1929 - but the breed always has an enthusiastic band of followers at this great dog show. It is difficult to get a seat ring-side and when I tried to take photos there was always someone jumping up to block my view! However here are some of the shots I did manage to get around the show ring.

On the grooming table

and these dogs on display in the ring itself:

Everyone there was far too busy to talk but I did have more luck in the Discover Dogs section - where I was able to chat with the owner of 2 lovely Scotties called Amber and Tiggy:

These 2 ambassadors for the breed were friendly and laid back and not at all bothered by the noise and crowds. Their owner was very interested when I told them about the Australian Scotties and he was amazed that the heat was not too much for them :-) although he did say that his dogs liked to lie out in the sun here whenever they got the chance. 

Here they are enjoying a drink of water on the Scottie stand - it was very hot in the NEC too! And there is an Australian connection as the smart dog collars they were wearing had actually come from Hamish McBeth in Australia :-)

Amber smiling for the camera.

Apologies that some of these pictures are not too clear since the lighting was not brilliant in the halls but I hope you have all enjoyed these images of the noble Scottish Terrier dog. It has not changed that much in appearance over the years although the furnishings, eyebrows and beard are grown longer for the show ring than they used to be in the 1920s. Tomorrow we will be back to Magic's posts and just for a taster here is a photo of something our dogs brought home from Crufts on Friday:


  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you. We love looking at scotties....even though we don't look that well groomed! We're more rugged and stuff. Maybe one day, SHE'll get to crufts.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

    1. Glad you liked the photos - hope one day SHE will get to Crufts as it is doggy heaven and you might get some wonderful presents brought back too:-) woofs and licks Magic xx

  2. I loved the photos! I have never been to a dog show, but it must be amazing!

  3. Scottie dogs are beautiful. I went to see them in Discover Dogs on Saturday and met one called Whisky... what a perfect name :-)