Sunday, 16 February 2014

And then there were two


Well as you can see I am still trying to get a bit of rest here without much luck even though there are just two little affen puppies here now. Yes one has gone to live with her new family.....and it is the little girl my peeps thought was going to stay after all. My peeps worry so much that the pups are going to the best possible home and sometimes they don't know why but they get worried that one that seemed to be a good home might not be the best. Twice there were families that wanted her but both times Leigh & Judith were fretting it wasn't right and thought they would just keep her. Then suddenly some more peeps got in touch and third time was best - these seemed just the right ones :-)


                                               "Will these be my new family now?"

She is a very cute little girl and a cheeky monkey too! Her new peeps have changed her name to Darcy which we think is a lovely name for her. Here are a few photos of her over the last 11 weeks:





The last picture is Darcy on her new Mum's lap yesterday when she left for her new home. My peeps have heard she is settling in well and getting know the house and garden...only one of the cats there is not too pleased but I'm sure she'll get to love the cheeky affen pup. Enjoy your new life Darcy and have fun xx


Back with more news very soon - and excuse my bad beard in this pic - someone has been playing with it !


  1. Know what your peeps mean about wanting to make sure the pups go to good homes, where they will be loved and looked after well. I'm sure Darcy will have a wonderful life, she's beautiful!

  2. Hey guys! Belated happy Valentine's Day. We're glad Darcy's settling down real well in her new home. Yes, I thought you were keeping the two girls. I guess that means the humoms found a really great candidate to take care of Darcy.

    Til' next time then.

    Oh, and if you have time, please do send me new pictures of the family members. Would love to change that header of yours.

  3. We think we can guess who has been playing with your beardie....

    It is fantastic that your peeps are trying to find the BEST POSSIBLE home for the little affins, so many pups just go to someone who will take them.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy