Monday, 20 October 2014

Schnauzerfest 2014


This is the badge on my bandana for the Schnauzerfest 2014 which took place at the weekend all over the UK. Lots of walks were organised for peeps and their schnauzers to enjoy a day out and to raise money for the Diana Brimblecombe Animal Rescue charity. You can read all about them here.


Here you can see me surveying the peeps and pooches across the river. Some crazy dogs went in for a swim but there was no way I was going to get my paws wet BOL! 


Here are two cute little puppies who had come to see all the schnauzer friends together.


                              And here is a sample of the goodies on display.


My son Maverick was there with his family and his peeps had helped provide tasty treats. 

               I needed a good long nap when I got home as it was quite a tiring morning.


             This is Crybbe who thought the walk had been organised for him :-)


            As well as the bandanas there were plenty of tasty treats for us doggies.


             Homemade liver cake, peanut butter cookies and yummy fish skins !!



                                             I just couldn't resist a quick taste :-)


          Poor Trilby was shattered - she could hardly keep her eyes open even for treats.


Anyway the fund raising was a great success - we raised £250 on our walk but over the whole UK they raised over £5000!! 




  1. What a BRILLIANT day out! All those Schnauzers together--what a sight.

    We are droolin' over those treats. We love ALL of those things. Congrats on all the $ you raised.

  2. What a grand day out. Well done on the fundraising!

  3. It was an incredible weekend all round wasn't it. We didn't get to walk (unbelievably seeing as it's something that's been in my head for a very long time!!) as we've unexpectedly had to be in France for the past few weeks. But it did mean I was around all weekend to do the online stuff and sit and watch the total rise...and rise....and rise. Lots of funds raised but also awareness which was also my hope. Your Yorkshire walk stall was impressive, so much effort :)

    1. It was a brilliant turnout all round and so good to see such a memorable amount raised :-) and hopefully much publicity for DBARC and their work as well.

  4. Creggan wants his Mummy Magic to know that he walked, ran and played his paws off for Schnauzerfest and he is very proud to have taken part in three walks :) One in a huge deer park, another in a big forest and then finally on a beach!

    1. Well done Creggan - that was an amazing feat to take part in THREE walks. Sending you lots of licks from me and your sister Trilby and niece Pip - Magic xxx

  5. Hi Magic
    That looks like a such a pawesome day out with your schnauzer friends congratulations on the money raised :) Milo & Jet

  6. Gosh you guys were tired!! Must have been a fun day alright! Magic can you tell your Peeps that my Eye Bump has completely gone away by itself.... WHEW .... we are very happy. I did a little post about it today. xxx Rubie xxx

  7. What an amazing amount raised, well done to all!


  8. Congratulations on a successful Schnauzerfest.

    Home-made liver cookie treats sound interesting. The dogs have liver added to their meal, too!