Sunday, 29 March 2015

Frankie in York


This is little Frankie who is Aoife's son. He is still living with us until after Easter when he goes to his new home. He is a real little monkey even though he looks very cute!


                         He loves playing with treasures he finds in the garden.

Yesterday my peeps took him to York to have a look at the sights and to meet people. It was his first big trip out but he was not worried:


The weather was not so good. Wind and rain all morning and poor Frankie did get a bit wet!


                                 But he watched the market stalls being set up


                                                   Yorkshire Rhubarb


                                             And fish from the Yorkshire fishermen


                                                     He saw the York Minster


And when Judith & Leigh went to the restaurant he settled on his mat on the floor 



                     Then it was time for the bus journey back to the park and ride car park


         A busy day but he was a little star. We will miss you little Frankie when you go :-) 




  1. That was a huge day out for the little guy. Looks like he handled it like a pro! We know you'll miss him, but he has such adventures ahead.

  2. That's very nice outing, Frankie! and you're so well behaved! :) :)

    Momo & Pinot xo

  3. Howdy Magic. Oh my. Little Frankie is a total darling. His new family will be happy for sure. Hope your week is good. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  4. Frankie! You have the one-paw-up thing with your little hoppity sprint. It's so cute.

    Well, I do hope you're settling in with your family just fine.