Thursday, 24 September 2015

Yorkshire Sculpture Park


The other day when the rain had cleared and it looked like being sunny Judith and Leigh took me and Aoife on a trip to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park which is excellent to visit with lots of fields for us dogs to walk around and woods to furtle in and some HUGE sculptures!


                       This is a sculpture by Henry Moore and you can see how big it is :-)


                                       Look at me and Aoife next to these big legs BOL


                                Here we are on the woods looking at the colourful octopus.



                                         And watching a big screen with a galloping horse.


There was a special display too of poppies from an exhibition that had been at the Tower of London commemorating those who lost their lives during the First World War a century ago. Some of the poppies from that exhibition were displayed over one of the bridges at the park:



                                       As well as the sculptures we saw a beautiful butterfly - 


                                                         And some Highland cattle :-)


                         We did a lot of exploring and came back tired but it was a fun day :-)




  1. Lots of area to run in, furtling woods....can't get much better. SHE would love the sculptures and the Highland cattle!